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May 2012
Released: 2012, Nightmare Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Long-memoried fans may remember Australia’s Teramaze. The band put out a couple of well-regarded albums in the Metal Dark Ages (i.e. mid-‘90s). Unfortunately the band disappeared shortly after the release of their second album, TEARS TO DUST. I have no idea why, but in 2010 the band decided to become active again but I’m sure glad that they did because ANHEDONIA is a great album!

The short & easy way to review this would be to simply say that Teramaze bears a strong musical resemblance to the M.I.A. Nevermore, although they manage to keep an identity of their own as well. While this is certainly true in terms of the band’s choppy, thrashy, groove-filled metal, it does the band a disservice in that they clearly put a ton of effort into their songs, incorporating a slight progressive edge that allows them to stand on their own. Similarly, vocalist Brett Rerekura has a distinctive style all his own.

While the music is certainly melodic enough, the band is aggressive, almost to the point overpowering; just check out the awesome shifting riff patterns of “Machine”. Of course, the following “Acts of Reparation” shows the band can be tuneful when they want to, especially on the closing ballad, “Ever Enhancing II”. Still, as many times as I’ve listened to this album, I always come back to “Proverb Le Jamb”; easily the catchiest, most memorable song offered. Seriously, if that chorus doesn’t get lodged in your head after one listen, you’re not doing it right.

Although ANHEDONIA is occasionally beset by a few less than inspiring songs, it is a damn fine album. I may have missed Teramaze the first time around, but I’m officially a fan now, and will be watching out for these guys from now on.
Track Listing

1. Anhedonia
2. Without Red Hands
3. Through the Madness
4. Machine
5. Acts of Reparation
6. Fear of the Unknown
7. Black Circles
8. Proverb Le Jamb
9. Where the Dead Grow
10. Egostatic
11. Ever Enhancing II


Brett Rerekura: Vocals
Dean Wells: Guitar
Matt Dawson: Guitar
Tijon Lolis: Bass
Julian Percy: Drums

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