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Tad Morose
February 2001
Released: 2000, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

From one of the metal hotbeds in Sweden, Bollnäs, comes this melodic power metal band. This band began in 1991 but they have remained, for the most part, an unknown entity. They have been on the Black Mark label since the beginning and only now have switched to a new label…one that will hopefully be successful in exposing the band to a wider audience. This CD is also being pegged as their heaviest because they have dropped their keyboardist in favor of adding a second guitarist. The end result is stunning.

I got to get this out NOW….the lead vocalist (listed as Urban Breed in the CD credits?!?!) in some places sounds like Mike Howe (ex-Metal Church) on the spot! This was clear right from the CD’s opening track “Servant of the Bones.” He doesn’t sound like him ALL the time but when he sings high and aggressively…it is very obvious. The Metal Church-isms are also found on the CD’s second track “Another Time Around”, the riffs at the beginning reminded me somewhat of “Fake Healer” by Metal Church from their GODLY CD, “Blessing In Disguise.” There is one other vocalist who comes to mind in almost every other song and that’s Zachary Stevens (ex-Savatage). This Savatage influence is also displayed in much of the song writing style. It’s pretty simple, if you like “Blessing in Disguise” Metal Church and the Savatage albums fronted by Zachary Stevens, then you’re going to love this!!!! On the tracks “Undead” and “Tears in the Rain” he sounds exactly like Zack, to the point where I had to look through the album credits to see if he actually made a guest appearance. “Lord on High” is another strong point on the CD. It has the typical elements of a great power metal song – great vocals, rhythms and double kicking drums. Besides Savatage and Metal Church, the only other bands that I can conjure up as a reference point would be Nocturnal Rites, from their newest album, “Afterlife”, and to a lesser degree Memory Garden for the Tad Morose song “The Dead and His Son.” The best description I can do is to imagine a more upbeat power metal version of Savatage and Metal Church.

It’s amazing how much great traditional / power metal is coming out lately. I am not of the opinion that there is too much of it. Those claiming that are probably not very big fans of traditional heavy metal or power metal to begin with. Its just that there is so much great metal out there and you can add Tad Morose to the lengthy list of bands to further investigate. For more information, visit their sorely in need of an update webpage at
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