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Hearts Blood
February 2006
Released: 2005, Regain Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

I have always been quite an amateur with these gothic releases and usually avoid them. Therefore it is a kind of risk for me to judge them due to my lack of knowledge. As to the Swedish gothic gloomsters Tenebre, let’s try to be quite honest.

It is obvious and inevitable to compare Tenebre to the legendary to Fields Of The Nephilim. I can find obvious Nephilim influences in the music of Tenebre. I don’t know how much the Tenebre guys are thrilled about getting compared to Nephilim, but that’s definitely the easiest way to describe the music they stand for. The vocalist Kalle’s voice has kind of the same similarities like his idol Carl McCoy, even though the look ain’t exactly the same.

Tenebre presents us with ten dismal melancholic gothic tunes. I am kinda surprised finding myself digging a couple of tunes from the album for instance the opening song “Silver Flame” which stands for the traditional..ergh.. Nephilim influenced approach and whereas the melodic “Black Void Nirvana” has nice melodic guitar leads thru the whole song.

There are a plenty of dismal as well as melodic songs, but already known songs have been built to reach the traditional dismal approach and style. If you are expecting to hear some metal tunes on HEART’S BLOOD, in this case a listener will get disappointed for sure.

However, the fifth Tenebre output is a pure gothic album that will satisfy most who have been following the band.
Track Listing

1. Silver Flame
2. Mistress Of The Dark
3. Serpent's Fire
4. Shine
5. Blue
6. Pray
7. Nightmare
8. Black Void Nirvana
9. Heart's Blood
10. Night Reborn


Richard - guitar
Mike - guitar
Jenny - bass
Ivana - keybords
Andreas - drums
Kalle - Vocals

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