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Tad Morose
St. Demonius
November 2015
Released: 2015, Despotz
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

When Tad Morose reunited and put out REVENANT a couple of years ago I was very happy and impressed. I’m even more excited that the band is back again, less than two years later with another full-length studio album. The band has the same line-up, the same record label and have offered the fans another 12 tracks album running 50 minutes long. I’m very glad for this consistency and productivity from the band.

ST. DEMONIUS is the bands eighth studio album and the cover art returns to a more traditional imagery, associated with the band, in terms of colour scheme and imagery. The image is ‘just’ a house but it is more in line with the ornate gothic style of previous album covers and a bit reminiscent of THEM by King Diamond with the nice old house and blues and purples. Some might say it is a bit dull but it is a great piece of art.

Ronny Hemlin is back at the helm and he delivers a superb performance, I could die happy if he remained the singer for Tad Morose from now until the end of time. The album kicks off with the punchy, fast song with the most excellent title’ ‘Bow To The Reapers Blade’. The album goes from high-point to high-point with dynamic and interesting song-craft. A stand-out for me is the cut ‘Where Ignorance Reigns’ with it’s power, an extended melancholy middle section, under-stated but excellent soloing, and good juxtaposition of sounds. The cut is as good as anything Queensryche or Sanctuary has done with some great tempo changes and some slight acoustic flourishes as well. The production is good and clear, nice guitar tone and everything well balanced in the mix.

I’ve heard comments from some people who feel European Power Metal is too happy or light, but they obviously have not heard enough Tad Morose! There is enough classic, and classy power and darkness here to satisfy any True Metal fan.
Track Listing

1. Bow to the Reaper's Blade
2. Forlorn
3. Where Ignorance Reigns
4. Remain
5. Black Fire Rising
6. Day of Reckoning
7. The Shadows Play
8. Darkness Prevail
9. Fear Subside
10. Dream of Memories
11. The World Is Growing Old
12. Your Own Demise


Ronny Hemlin Vocals
Kenneth Jonsson Guitar
Christer Andersson Guitar
Tommi Karppanen Bass
Peter Morén Drums



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