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Heavy Metal
December 2011
Released: Nove, Jolly Roger Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Carlos Llanas

It's not often that I run into some crazy Roman heavy metal that sounds as classic as ever. Maybe it's the fact that these guys have been around since the mid 80's. Their debut album "Heavy Metal" is due to be released on November 21st, 2011, and I have to say, I was very impressed. So much so that I nearly destroyed my living room with excitement while I listened to it.

The album cover is not very impressive, but it fits very well with the style. It gives it an old school metal feel and even reminded me of Saxon's "Wheels of Steel". I think it was a bold move on their part. Considering the fact that this band has been out since the 80's, to have a debut 20+ years later is fascinating to me. Why so late? We may never know.

This debut kicks off the right way with "Satan's Ride". This tune sounds like Saxon and Helloween together and has the same level of power and fast riffing. You can even hear some Kai Hansen style vocals through out the album, which is a big plus for me. What better way to start a record than with an all out Heavy Metal attack. Most of the tracks on this album were composed in the 80's, and I think that is the reason why it sounds so damn genuine. On the song "Heavy Metal TIR" they take it back with a Judas Priest sounding opening riff and has some similar vocal structures as well. Half way through the tune it slows down and a very arpegio driven guitar part takes over. It makes it sound so damn TRUE.

If there is one bad thing (sort of) to say about this album, is that the production wasn't the best, but like I said before, it gives the whole presentation a sense of realness, so it actually works in their favor. The fact that the production isn't perfect makes it very METAL, and in my opinion, it gives it the album character. Overall, I was very impressed and pleased with what I heard. T.I.R is real and they are BADASS.
Track Listing

1. Satan's Ride
2. Dark Rebel
3. Heavy Metal TIR
4. Vai
5. Il Volo Delle Aquile
6. Fire Sword (instrumental)
7. Nell' Anima
8. Shout
9. Metal in My Life
10. Hidra
11. Roma


Giuseppe “Ciape” Cialone – Lead Vocals
Danilo Antonini – Guitars
Sergio Bonelli - Guitars
Dino Gubinelli – Bass
Piero Arioni - Drums

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