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Mark of the Beast: Indoctrination
December 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Sparrows are based in Dallas, TX and the Deathened Black Metallers have just released Mark of the Beast: Indoctrination digitally through bandcamp where it can be streamed in full and/or purchased, until the CD version will be available in the coming weeks.

Their EP is the first of a three-part series; the connection between the series will be divulged after all three have been released.

The EP was recorded in Dallas' Industrial District by drummer Bryan Nicholas (who also mixed and mastered it).

With an aggressive start and vocals that immediately got my attention, I instantly liked this album.

There were some parts, that I’m not sure if it was meant to be some dodgy solo or just a simple break from the intensity of the songs, but I thought that let the band down slightly, aswell with the mixture of Death and Black metal style vocals.

It certainly suits the style better to keep it Black, but that’s probably a personal preference for me, as the Death elements make them sound like every other death metal band out there at the moment, where the black vocal style makes them darker and the songs more interesting.

I liked the lyrics and thought the tracks were written well and although the songs are strong, I have to admit the sound is something I have heard many times now and although the members play well, they do lack in individuality, but I’d still certainly recommend these guys to any metallers out there who likes death metal, with black vocals mixed it, cause this certainly wasn’t a boring album and one I would happily listen to again, I look forward to hearing what these guys release in the future.

When the band were asked what Satan means to them, or if they worship Satan? Their comment was this:

To us, Satan represents freedom from religion, freedom from God. Each man is a god unto himself and should bow down to nothing. Having said this, we do not worship anything or anyone, but we do appreciate what Satan stands for; Freedom.

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

01 Drunk on the Blood of Fools
02 Cellar of the Damned
03 Brainscan
04 Irradiated Boars
05 The Trinity Denied
06 Indoctrination


Vocals: Jason
Guitars: Ryan
Drums: Bryan
Bass: Michael

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