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Space Eater
September 2010
Released: 2010, Stormspell Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

First off, I guess it needs to be spat out that Serbian no.1 thrashers Space Eater do their Bay Area thrash thing amazingly well if their 2nd full-length album is anything to go by. Space Eater has been around since 2004, released a couple of demos and their debut studio album (titled MERCIFUL ANGEL) in 2007 through Swedish I Hate Records.

AFTERSHOCK, as the title of their 2nd studio album is called, is a somewhat terrific follow-up album from Space Eater when it comes to its violent and aggressive guitar riff fests, skilful soloing, beautifully flowing song structures, nicely matching lead vocals and gang shouts, etc. – making me say these four Serbian thrashers are truly on fire on their 2nd album (haven´t even heard their debut yet). Naturally it´s so cool and nice to notice that this familiar Bay Area sound has also been adopted by so many other bands not coming from that particular area in question, giving their absolutely best shot for that highly adored Bay Area sound - and therefore ending up fooling people they even might be a Bay Area thrash act. I first was fooled to believe so Space Eater could have actually been one of those ´hidden talents´ coming from the ever-popular Bay Area, but was surprisingly proved wrong after all.

There are hints of Vio-lence, hints of Testament, hints of Heathen, hints of Defiance, etc. in the sound of this Serb´s thrash combo – and whatever other aggressive and melodic sounding Bay Area thrash acts you might possibly think of. These Serb lads have truly done their home lessons well regarding the Bay Area aspect – and no, we really cannot blame on them for doing so either. Who of us wouldn´t love that Bay Area sound? Most of us do - no doubts about that.

Driven by sharp and attacking riffs accompanied by the importance of melodies, dominated by everything that´s tagged on the concept ´Bay Area thrash´, Space Eater kicks our teeth in somewhat confidently on AFTERSHOCK, revealing its carnassial teeth bloodred, ready to snap our necks off for good.

This stuff truly smokes – and undoubtedly I bet you´ll also join me to congratulate the guys for their achievements on AFTERSHOCK. Absolutely killer thrash here, so I suggest you to keep the name Space Eater in your mind from now on.
Track Listing

01. Say Your Prayers
02. Abort
03. Divide & Conquer
04. Up on These Shores
05. FAA
06. Quantum Leap
07. No Retreat
08. Crush, Kill, Destroy
09. Anti-Psychiatry
10. Relationshit


Luka "Tower" Matković - Vocals and Guitar
Nemanja Pavlović - Guitar
Karlo Testen - Bass Marko "Tihi" Danilović - Drums

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