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Southern Gentlemen
Double Your Pleasure
July 2003
Released: 2003, Leviathan
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I did not have the pleasure of hearing from the Southern Gentlemen on their debut so indeed this disc did ‘Double My Pleasure’ as the anticipation was well rewarded. The Southern Gentlemen in question are some familiar faces from the Leviathan roster, namely David T. Chastain, Kevin Kekes (ex-Damien, Vainglory) and the ever-busy Mike Haid.

This power trio of rock and metal veterans show their skill at another sub-genre (?) of rock namely rockin’ blues. Don’t le the term ‘blues’ turn ya off. This is more rock than blues something along the lines of SRV or David Wilcox. The guitar is first and foremost and the blues is for flavour, so none of these complaint filled boring lyrics about how, “My baby left me today so I’m drinking my blues away in this smoky bar” crap. However, lyrically there IS a heavy emphasis on the ladies but in a more interesting fashion.

This well presented disc has lyrics, photos and the usual high-quality, sonic presentation produced by the Leviathan group. I wish the cover print quality was a bit better but that is not a big concern. I just wanted a clearer look at the hot chick on the front.

Musically, this power-trio could easily go toe to toe with Ted Nugent. High praise I realize but these boys show that after mastering rock and metal they have no problem making the transition into a newer arena. The songs are all solid, no frills, crunchy and fun hard rock. “Racing Back to Mississippi’ and ‘MY Best Friend’s Girl’ put a big smile on my face. Good thick guitar tone, raw but certainly not unintelligible vocals, courtesy of Chastain himself and ten punchy songs make this disc a winner.

Fans of blues, rock and guitar in general will be pleased with the Southern Gentlemen’s view on life, love and the ladies from down south. Visit them at
Track Listing

1. My Best Friend’s Girl
2. Tell Me Woman
3. I Languish For You
4. Not Worth My Grave
5. Racing Back To Mississippi
6. Down On My Kness
7. Slutovirgin
8. Love Affair Gone Bad
9. You Should Be Ashamed
10. I Believe In Love


David T. Chastain-Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Kekes-Bass
Mike Haid-Drums



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Southern Gentlemen
Double Your Pleasure
April 2003
Released: 2003, Leviathan Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

“Good Time, Very Heavy, Blues Rock” is how Southern Gentlemen describe their music and who am I to argue? If you are wondering why this CD is being reviewed, the reason is that Southern Gentlemen is fronted by guitar legend David T. Chastain. I had the opportunity to review their debut release EXOTIC DANCER BLUES, which by the way has a fantastic picture of Chastain vocalist Kate French on the cover, and enjoyed it quite a bit. The band creates a sound that will be near and dear to hearts of any ZZ Top or AC/DC fan. Though, for the most part, the music is not quite as high octane as these acts it carves it own niche and puts forth a sound that is lacking in the scene today.

As with EXOTIC DANCER BLUES Chastain contributes lead vocals to this CD and again he does an admirable job. He has said that his voice is not suited for hard rock and metal records but fits perfectly within this style. Chastain and his compatriots, Kevin Kekes: bass and Mike Haid: drums, lay down some great tracks on this CD starting with the rocking “Tell Me Woman”. This song is the first up-tempo track on the CD and is a real southern foot stomper that has some great long solos from Chastain. In fact the band purposely wanted to extend the solos to get more of a jamming atmosphere. A very good decision because not only do we get to hear more of Mr. Chastain, the songs also benefit in that they become more than your basic old blues songs as David adds his unique brand of soulful shredding to the mix. “Racing Back to Mississippi” has a definite ZZ TOP feel and again see the Gentlemen with the pedal to the metal. The opposite end of the spectrum is also displayed on “I Languish For You”. This is a more traditional blues song, albeit with a number of dramatic solos from Chastain, which deals with the longing for a love lost.

Southern Gentlemen do not suffer from the sophomore jinx. If anything they have built upon the strengths of EXOTIC DANCER BLUES. The extended solos add a different feel to the music and allow Chastain to spread his wings a little more than on the last CD. The rhythm section of Kekes and Haid is spot on in laying down a groovy backbone that makes this release more than just a David Chastain shred fest. The cover artwork again is a beautiful, scantily clad, lady. An image that I think will become the hallmark of the band. If blues based rock and hard rock appeal to you then your collection should include the Southern Gentlemen.
Track Listing

01. My Best Friend’s Girl
02. Tell Me Woman
03. I Languish for You
04. Not Worth My Grave
05. Racing Back to Mississippi
06. Down on my Knees
07. Slutovirgin
08. Love Affair Gone Bad
09. You Should Be Ashamed
10. I Believe In Love


David T. Chastain: Vocals and Guitar
Kevin Kekes: Bass
Mike Haid: Drums



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