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Black Fangs
July 2011
Released: 2011, Candlelight Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Well ‘Avast Thar’ and ‘Shiver Me Timbers’…if it isn’t a brand new release from Carolina’s Doomy Southern Sludgers Sourvein! I nearly wet myself in creamy excitement on grabbing this little beauty, their first full album in eight years, the first ‘proper’ album since 2002’s “Will To Mangle”.

This is a massively heavy release, and as you expect, it’s a F*** Off fusion of Black Sabbath, Eyehategod, Melvins, Iron Monkey, Poison Idea, and Kylesa. It’s hard to work out why the band aren’t bigger than they are, they remain very much a cVlt outfit, in all probability due to their frustratingly roundabout lineup, as consistently has never been a key word for them, I personally don’t believe they’ve ever fully recovered from Liz Buckingham’s departure to Dorset’s Electric Wizard back in 2003, but hopefully they’ve finally drawn a line under their difficulties, and if this is a sign of what they can do now...then the future is VERY bright!

Thunderously heavy, raw, blazing with leaden riffs created from seemingly concrete by guitarist King James Haun, powered along by the titanic rhythm team of Dave Sherman and Jeffrie Moen, (and boy can the latter create a wall of shattering sound with his cymbals). Musically the band are as solid as the core of a wrecking ball, and atop the muscular riffs and rhythms, it’s left to legendary vocalist T-Roy to really f*** sh*t up!

He seems to be in a world of pain, as he vents a stream of pent up bilious hatred at the world, this is seriously pissed off hombre! His gravelled whiskey howl is a killer weapon, the younger generation of extreme vocalists out there could learn a serious lesson from Mr Medlin, he is an absolute powerhouse.

I’d genuinely forgotten what an absolute Motherf***er of a singer he is, just absolutely perfect! There are some really fine songs to be found here too, perhaps not ‘instant listens’ or ‘immediate classics’, but nonetheless some top notch neck snapping, foot hammering slabs of molten heaviness that truly deserve to be heard, and in “Black Fangs”, these Doom Legends have found a new level of excellence, and should be able to look forward to all the accolades that should surely now befall them!

Review by Satanic Muttley
Track Listing

2.Society’s Blood
3.Night Eyes
5.Holy Transfusion
9.Bleeding Charm
10.Nocturnal/Negative Phaze


T-Roy Medlin(Vocals)
King James Haun (guitars)
Dave Sherman (bass guitars)
Jeffrie Moen (drums)

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