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Fields Of Decay
April 2012
Released: 2012, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

There was a short-lived Canadian band called Soulforge who put out a pair of decent albums. They have come and gone and now a new, young Australian has the name. Soulforge is dead. Long Live Soulforge! Continuing on in the grand tradition of world-class Australian Metal (Black Majesty, Dungeon, Illium etc) Soulforge join Dragonsclaw in early 2012 as a double attack of killer new bands from that great nation that have caught my ear.

Their independent debut is totally professional in presentation and production. They got Felipe Franco (Rhapsody, Blind Guardian) to do the cover art which looks great. The production on this 35 minute, 10 track album is also clear and powerful. It’s a good looking booklet with lyrics, photos and so forth. It’s the little things, the attention to detail like this that will help a band like Soulforge get signed, if that what they wish.

Musically, this is an excellent, excellent, chunk of Metal. Dynamic and diverse but well within the parameters of traditional Metal, FIELDS OF DECAY displays many fine characteristics. There is a very nice, slower instrumental solo cut called ‘Eye Of The Storm’ with understated guitar-lines and atmospheric soloing backed by some sound effects of distant thunder. The song ‘Live Forever (300)’ is another slower piece just loaded with intensity and feeling. It a sparse song that has some subdued vocals, acoustic guitar and military style snare work. It’s one of my favourite songs on the album. FIELDS OF DECAY is also top-loaded with crushing Metal, aside from the brief intro the other seven cuts are heads down balls-out true Metal. ‘Crimson Fire’ is catchy as hell as are most of the other songs. Lyrically, we have tales of war, vikings, ancient Rome and more all presented by vocalist Dale Courney with power and passion. The rest of the band pull their weight, all proficient musicians, writing great songs and not over-playing. The fast songs are fast but never just double-kick all the time and the compositions are very well-arranged always leaving room fro some great solos.

FIELDS OF DECAY has been getting some pretty heavy rotation in my deck (and iPod) which is a good sign when you get as much music as I do. Soulforge debut album is world-class. Expect to hear more from them soon!
Track Listing

1. Conflict
2. Dark Tower
3. My Game
4. Crimson Fire
5. Abreaction
6. Eye of the Storm
7. Folds of Decay
8. Live Forever (300)
9. Ten Thousand Years
10. Viking March


Dale Corney Vocals
Tomo Jovanovic Guitars
James Barlow Guitars
Aaron Dewsbery Bass
Bilyara Bates Drums

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