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June 2014
Released: 2014, Vicisolum Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

I am not such a fan of melodic/mainstream black/melodic death metal but Swedish Souldrainer’s third effort, ARCHITECT, doesn’t offend my tastes. I think that Souldrainer seems to have finally settle in on what they were seeking with their first two albums.

This album is the culmination of stripped down black metal aesthetics cast in a symphonic-epic formula with touches from Amon Amarth epic-ness toping the flatness of latter Satyricon albums.

Something notable here is that the band chose once again to work without a producer and to record the album themselves. Not only was this a decision to keep out the influence of producers and others, but, it was a decision that would present Souldrainer's sound is more organic and natural without any fancy crap on it.

Musically ARCHITECT moves to mid-tempo rhytms, with layered guitars and sharply ripping vocals. Songs I would call from this album is “I am The One” with its groundbreaking breakdowns and guttural guitarring, opener “Biological Experiments” and the incredible “Behind The Face” which launches with a slow riff before the double bass drumming begins and the catchy guitar riff starts, but it is worth through the whole album. Even though it contains some really good gems. The vocals move mainly in black metal field and there are some death growls in parts. Also, the music is heavily based in black metal patterns, modern extreme-death metal and all of these are infiltrated by the melodic death prism.

The beauty of ARCHITECT dwells in the fact that it offers so many different sensations, just like an A-movie soundtrack. At times it is uplifting and at times depessing. At times eerie and ominous and at times mellow and contemplative - yet always artful. Overall, I can say with confidence that this is the best atmospheric mid-tempo melodic death metal album with atmospheric angel choirs of the year. Words can't really do this album justice, so what's left to do is to listen to this album and know for oneself.

A crushing melodic death metal record that relies as much on earth-shattering guitar tunings as on a shrewd interplay between the ugly and the beautiful. If you like Amon Amarth, Hypocrisy, Satyricon, and Samael, Souldrainer would be the best next band you should listen to.
Track Listing

1. Biological Experiments
2. Behind The Face
3. Architect
4. The Release
5. Die Or Surrender
6. Turn Your Back
7. For No Other
8. Nightmare Abduction
9. I Am The One
10. Sorgestjarna


Marcus Edvardsson - Vocals, Guitar
Joakim Wassberg - Bass
Hugo Nylander - Drums

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