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Soul Doctor
That’s Live
August 2008
Released: 2008, Metal Heaven/Border Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Soul Doctor hails from Berlin Germany and is led by lead singer Heart and guitarist Lyne. The band has released four albums until now. The previous one was called BLOOD RUNS COLD and is the one the band is about to follow up with this new single live album in wait of the next studio album.

The band doesn’t sound any different live compared to what they do on disc. The band pumps out the same melodic hardrock music. The music contains heavy use of keyboards as well as a heavy influence of southern rock. The choruses are extremely catchy and easy to sing a long in and singer Heart leads the songs with certainty and strength. Heart also sings in perfect English which is very unusual when it comes to German singers to be honest.

The album was recorded between 2005-07 but it doesn’t say where it was recorded. But Heart speaks in German so I guess it was shot somewhere in Germany. And there lies also the biggest mistake. Just because it was recorded in German it doesn’t mean that only Germans are gonna listen to it. Many with me don’t have a clue what he’s saying and that is boring. They have also cut the songs after each one so it sounds more like a studio album. The live feeling gets lost when they cut in between songs.

THAT’S LIVE is a really long album, it clocks in on 80 minutes. And during that time has the band run through 13 songs. I have nothing to argue about when it comes to the music. The musicians do their job great and the singer sounds amazing. It sounds like the guys are tight and that they have a lots of fun on stage.

My main problem is the material. Most of the songs sound a lot like each other and that gets boring in the long run. There’s also too many ballads featured which makes no one happy. The album is in its best moments a great melodic rock album but it all drops when I hear the lame ballads and that most of the songs sounds a lot like each other. And I also question the decision of releasing a live album after only 4 studio albums.

More negative things are that the audience has been faded down as well as the thing I already mentioned, the cuts in between the songs. I had wished for a little dirtier production and a rawer live feeling. Now the album is over-produced. So there’s a little more to wish for when it comes to THAT’S LIVE.

Maybe this is a long awaited disc if you’re a fan of the band; I think it’s just a standard live album that leaves more to wish for. And for the hardcore fans it’s maybe fun to know that there is a European limited version of the album that features a bonus disc.

Killer tracks “Blood Runs Cold”, “Under Your Skin”, “Good Times Slipping Away”, “Eatin On Me” and “Goodbye”.
Track Listing

Blood Runs Cold
Under Your Skin
Good Times Slipping Away
See You In Heaven
Eatin On Me
Laugh In The Face Of Danger
Unspoken Words
Get It On
What Do You Want
Soul Doctor
Just Can’t Get Over You


Tommy Heart – lead vocals
Chris Lyne – guitar
Michael Wolpers – drums
Jogy Rautenberg – bass

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