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De Oppresso Liber
February 2009
Released: 2008, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mr. Rock

Damn, damn, damn, if this isn’t one of the best Black Metal albums to be released in years! This is the album that I wished Dimmu would have released as a follow up to DEATH CULT ARMAGEDDON. That’s right; the reigning kings of Black Metal have every right to be looking over their shoulders as this debut album from LA Black Metallers Sothis is, simply put, outstanding.

DE OPPRESSO LIBER has everything that a killer BM album needs – perfect performances, top notch production, great artwork, and most important of all…outstanding songs.

Growler Drogoth is as sinister as they come, never giving the listener a chance to catch their breath. Before you know it, he’s got hold of you, and he’s not going to let go. Musically, the band has the synth-y, goth-y, black sound down perfectly, with each instrument blending together in perfect (evil) harmony. The keys never rise to close to the surface, adding just the right amount of eeriness to the mix. Brilliant songwriting with excellent atmosphere.

What we have here is pure, evil talent. A talented band, mixed with an impressive package, and top notch production. I was so tempted to give this album a 5, but let’s wait until their next disc to see if they’re a (hopefully not) one album band. DE OPRESSO LIBER is an outstanding album, and one that you definitely need to add to your collection.

Cradle of Dimmu, watch out…the new kids in town are coming after you!
Track Listing

1. “Of Night and Silence” – 3:58

2. “De Oppresso Liber” – 5:32

3. “Beneath a Black Boiling Sky” – 5:51

4. “Lunar Descent” - 4:50

5. “Obsidian Throne” - 5:32

6. “Defiance” - 6:57

7. “The Cold Disconnection” - 4:21

8. “Lair of the Benighted” – 5:30

9. “Perpetual” – 5:59


Drogoth – vocals
Scathe – guitar / bass
Nylock – guitar
Asperia – keyboards
Dross - drums

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