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December 2007
Released: 2007, Woodcut Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I think I need some anti-Viagra now... It´s been quite a while since I got a serious, real hard hard-on when stumbling across a vast sea of countless Death Metal releases that have been floating to the metal music markets constantly. This only happens on an unfortunately very rare occasion to me nowadays - I mean, getting a marble-hard hard-on when listening to new releases, but this happened the other day when I received Finland´s panzer division, Sotajumala´s 2nd full-length album, titled TELOITUS ("Execution" in English) in my mail, which is absolutely a keyword for Sotajumala´s own total massacre and mass devastation.

TELOITUS is a sort of mixture of some of Hate Eternal´s, Deicide´s and later era Cannibal Corpse´s tastiest, catchiest and most moody parts, making the band´s Death Metal sound absolutely irresistible for any fans of this particular genre in question. What´s so great about the songs on TELOITUS, they are full of memorable and mind-sticking riffs, ear-piercing leads and cleverly thought out hooks that almost apologize to listeners for their existence in the songs. Listening to the album, it becomes pretty obvious very quickly that the band has really taken their time to carefully concentrate on building up a mass of great sounding songs for TELOITUS - simply making the best out of countless rehearsals they have tightly spent together, closed behind the four walls - and ready to hit us with a full strike when the time is right. The true evidence about all this, comes in the form of 8 tracks they have recorded for this album. The band´s Finnish-sung Death Metal is a very pleasing ride into the depths of all those elements in Death Metal what actually make it such an enjoyable and fascinating form of music in general when done right and overall properly. No bullshit, no core, no trends, no fuckin´ gimmicks - just honest, straight, catchy and pure Death Metal the way it should be churned out in the first place, dammit! A song called "Kuolinjulistus", which Sotajumala have even shot a video for, is pretty much my justification for recognising Sotajumala´s true potential for writing some truly amazing Death Metal that really hits a listener as accurately as the BGM-109 Tomahawk missile. The same effect can be directed to a song called "Riistetty Viattomuus", about which one could claim Hate Eternal´s CONQUERING THE THRONE has undoubtedly been a severely worn-out album in the hands of our wonderful Finnish death meisters... ;o)

TELOITUS is most probably the purest Death Metal release coming from Finland for an unforgivable long time... actually since Demigod´s classic SLUMBER OF SULLEN EYES album. And by the way, that latter-mentioned album was released some 15 years ago. W-o-a-h, now go and get TELOITUS to show your respect toward both Sotajumala as well as true Death Metal! It´s nothing, but an essential piece of the Death Metal family!
Track Listing

01. Tappaja ja Tapettu
02. Arkku Vailla Vainajaa
03. Kuolinjulistus
04. Riistetty Viattomuus
05. Verellä Kirjoitettu
06. Oikeutus
07. Kidutus
08. Teloitus


Mynni Luukkainen - Vocals
Kosti Orbinski - Guitar
Pete Lapio - Guitar
Tomi Otsala - Bass & backing vocals
Timo Häkkinen, drums

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