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June 2010
Released: 2010, Cobra Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The grand slaughtering and killing continues… The Finnish death commandos Sotajumala have returned to the frontlines again with their lethal weapons, 3 years after their excellent 2nd album TELOITUS (“Execution” in English).

KUOLEMANPALVELUS is a bold 8-track opus from our beloved killing machine, continuing the band´s world conquering with full-scale bombing and surgical strikes – with the same old weapons and a fistful of new tricks to get our heads chopped off from our shoulders for good.

Their sound is rooted heavily in early American death metal a lá Morbid Angel´s DOMINATION especially in dynamics as well as Bolt Thrower´s VICTORY era. Lyrical themes deal with dead people and death in general. Sotajumala´s combination of both vintage and modern sounds, mid-paced death hymns – even carefully stated, destroy and pulverize beautifully and securely on KUOLEMANPALVELUS (“Ceremony of Death”). As was the case with their previous 2nd album, titled TELOITUS, the new opus is also thoroughly, professionally, and very convincingly, thought out and well-played death metal. It leaves masses of happy, smiling corpses around the world's battlefields whenever hitting its targets like an assassin´s merciless bullet, drilling a huge hole deep into your fragile skull.

The material on KUOLEMANPALVELUS has been done under the the same safe, but tasteful recipe they were capable of offering on TELOITUS. The concept of death pulled together with the band´s sheer technical virtuosity in making it all sound very pleasing to the whole death metal community, has truly reached a successful formula with the songs on the band´s brand-new opus of war tactics. The songs roll effortlessly and irresistibly forward like a column of BT-42 tanks, causing mass destruction and raping the ground exhaustively – and overall making each of us pleasingly confident in the end that Sotajumala fuckin´ does deliver. Their war march has continued victoriously through these past 3 years, resulting in another powerful set of songs that make you return back to this record over and over again.

As for these Sotajumala´s so-called ´new tricks´ on KUOLEMANPALVELUS, the band ends the album with the title track “Kuolemanpalvelus”, which is an epic, crushingly heavy and creeping death manifest – lasting 15 minutes in its length. In fact, they already wrote a similar type of song on their previous album TELOITUS already (which was the title track “Teloitus”, lasting nearly 8 minutes), but obviously this time they even wanted to beat that record as far as their song length is concerned.

So, there´s one last question left whether KUOLEMANPALVELUS is worth purchasing? Yes, abso-fuckin´-lutely!!
Track Listing

01. Syvyydessä
02. Paratiisin Kutsu
03. Kuolleet, Toinen Jae
04. Sokeus
05. Sinun Virtesi
06. Toinen Tuleminen
07. Luut Sinusta Muistuttaen
08. Kuolemanpalvelus


Mynni Luukkainen – Vocals
Kosti Orbinski – Guitar
Pete Lapio – Guitar
Tomi Otsala – Bass
Timo Häkkinen – Drums

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