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Sort By Title
Independent Process
October 2011
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Oh my, the angst of youth. Sort by Title is a Swedish four piece that sound like they’re full of it, angst that is. The kind of “you don’t understand me, the world doesn’t understand me, I’m gonna go in my room and write some really deep poetry” kind of angst. And the band’s debut 5-track EP INDEPENDENT PROCESS is an angry metalcore fist shaking at the establishment. Personal cynicisms aside, it’s actually not a bad debut, and if you’re still into the melodic metalcore scene, you’ll probably really dig this.

Musically, INDEPENDENT PROCESS is about what you’d expect from a “melodic metalcore” descriptor. Hardcore inspired crunch with plenty of breakdowns and chugga, peppered with bright, euro metal riffs, and non-stop screamo vocals. You’ve heard the songs before; sure it may have been a different band with a different name, but it’s a familiar recipe. Of the five cuts on INDEPENDENT PROCESS, I thought that “Stuck on the Curb” really stood out. It’s a more of an upbeat, punchier track, and it feels much more loose and natural than its kin. But dudes, you gotta do something about the vocals. Even Jamey Jasta takes a break from the SCREAMING AT YOU VERY LOUDLY AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS mode here and there. I get it, you’re angry, it’s meant to compliment the anger in the music, I gotcha. But there’s zero inflection or style per se vocally, and it just sounds like some dude shouting over some other dudes trying to crank some tunes.

If we were back in grade school, I’d give Sort by Title an “E” for effort here. Credit where credit is due, INDEPENDENT PROCESS is a fair release for a band that’s still cutting their teeth. But there’s not much here to distinguish them from the glut of similar minded bands across the globe right now. Hopefully going forward, the band can find more of their own identity and break out of the mold.
Track Listing

1. Into the Depths
2. Betrayed by the Sun
3. Revelation Sign
4. Insanity
5. Stuck on the Curb


Adam Hennings - Vocals
Christoffer Tönnäng - Guitars
Robin Lindberg - Bass
Marcus Gustafsson - Drums

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