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Sore Plexus
January 2000
Released: 1999, Independant
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Joe

This CD was passed along to me by EvilG over the holidays. A Christmas gift of sorts, I was told Sore Plexus were a power metal band from Germany. Since I’m a sucker for European bands, I couldn’t wait to put it in my stereo and take a listen. Sadly, these guys do not live up to the reputations of (most of) their fellow European metal artists.

Described in their bio as "Complex power metal... And beyond", Sore Plexus are at least to be given credit for living up that particular statement. Their music is rather technical, it’s level of intensity is on par with that of most power metal bands, and... it’s way beyond my personal tastes. The only way I can describe Sore Plexus’ music is that it’s a crude blending of jazz, polka, and "silly thrash", ala Scatterbrain. Occasionally a promising riff will jump out of the speakers, but not often enough. It’s obvious that guitarist Dirk Nowak, bassist Marcus Miller, and drummer Dirk Podrasa are all skilled musicians, but unfortunately the music is directionless and at times just plain weird. As for vocalist "Cassy"... I hate to say this, but the guy can’t sing!!! He can barely carry a tune and often goes off-key. I apologize if I seem rude here, but the guy must be tone deaf! (ed.note; According to the band’s website Cassy has been replaced by a guy named Jorg Imhof.)

In summary, Sore Plexus do show some promise but need to do two things: 1) Get a new singer. And 2) Stop trying so hard to be different. Strive for originality, yes. But keep the music somewhere in the realm of normality.
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