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Fuir La Lumière
December 2016
Released: 2016, Lost Pilgrim Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

FUIR LA LUMIÈRE is the sophomore full length from France’s Sordide, and roughly translates as “Flee the Light” – because I assume that light is to black metallers what water and late dinners are to Mogwai. The trio maintains a pretty strict diet of old school/lo-fi/no-frills black metal, with the addition of some self-described punk leanings. It’s an interesting gimmick, but one that can’t help a set of tunes that tend to struggle with direction and end up overstaying their welcome.

Sordide’s “punk” tag is a bit of a misnomer. If you’re thinking Green Day in corpse paint, you’d be sadly mistaken (although that would be adorable), but what you can hear across the 7 tunes on FUIR LA LUMIÈRE is a definite late-Black Flag/Greg Ginn influence. The jangly guitar tones and schizophrenic note structures mesh surprisingly well the traditional black metal minor key phrasings, as evidenced on standouts like “Révolte” and “Trop tard”. The songs are deployed loose and fast, almost sloppy at times, which also works well as a throwback to the scene’s less polished history. But as enticing as all of this sounds (literally and figuratively), the songs never develop beyond their initial presentation and opt to beat a good riff well beyond the horse being declared dead. Most of the tracks on the album exceed the 8-minute mark, but none of them have a good reason to other than to imply that longer songs make us seem more complex. To really embrace the punk ethos, you’ve gotta hit it quick, hit it dirty, and get out before anyone knows what happened.

If you’re of the more forgiving mind when it comes to your kvlt preferences, FUIR LA LUMIÈRE is still worth a spin despite its shortcomings (er, longcomings?). Though the end result may be less than stellar, but Sordide have at least made an attempt to do something different within a framework that can often sound one-dimensional.
Track Listing

1. L'Incendiaire
2. Révolte
3. L'Ombre
4. Trop tard
5. Salis par la haine
6. Fuir la lumière
7. Sans regrets


Nemri - Vocals, Drums
Nehluj - Vocals, Guitars
Nebhen - Bass

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