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Sons of Thunder
Metal Praise
June 2000
Released: 1998, self released
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Although the name of these Swedes could be much better, the name of the CD is downright ridiculous. I mean it’s not even something I can laugh at. When I think “metal praise”, I think Hammerfall. I can’t stand Hammerfall! (ed. note: Nathan has been crucified for this blasphemous comment hahaha) The music on this disc is pretty simple, slow to midpaced heaviness, which tends to sound boring and rehashed. In fact, part of the main riff in the opening track “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” is an “Enter Sandman” rip off. The rest of the time they are trying too hard to be Memory Garden. And what in the hell is with the title “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” anyway? Pretty damn preachy, that’s what. It would be the same thing as Deicide coming out with a song called “Satan, Satan, Satan”. I’ll say it again: ridiculous. And here’s another Metallica similarity…check out these lame lyrics: “He’s my fuel, He’s my fire, He’s my desire, O Jesus” bla bla bla. I have no problem listening to quality Christian metal bands like Believer, Tourniquet, and Living Sacrifice. But when a band’s lyrics get too preachy, the songs become too ridiculous to listen to. Look at Deicide. They’ve locked themselves in a corner with a topic that is worn out and just plain pointless to sing about after four albums. But at least Glen Benton’s writing skills aren’t as elementary as Sons of Thunder. Here’s another example: “Hallelujah! Love, peace, happiness. Hallelujah! Forever and ever good. Is our God”. If these guys are sixth graders, then please excuse me. But in the picture I’m looking at, they look like adults.

If this CD is meant to be a joke, then I didn’t get it. But let me tell you, I’d buy Legacy of Kings before a Sons of Thunder disc any day. Visit their web site if you choose:
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