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The Abhorred Blessings
March 2008
Released: 2007, DTR Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Hanntu

Not being a real authority on black metal, I actually do find this band quite entertaining. Somrak are from Slovenia, “as a mere summon of those inhaled the cancer of uncreation in times when such plague was there still mostly unknown” (sic). They were formed (why not “spawned”?) in 2001, and they released their first full length album late last year, THE ABHORRED BLESSINGS.

The music itself is midpaced black metal, more focused on creating an atmosphere of evil, as opposed to the flat out attack of, say, Dark Funeral or Marduk. It actually sounds like “Mother North” era Satyricon, with the evil dispassionate yowling slightly to the background, letting the guitars set the tone and ambience. The drumming isn’t much to write home about, they largely back up the tremolo picked riffs without imposing themselves on the songs. The pace does pick up noticeably towards the second half of the album however, and consequently becomes a lot more tedious and monotonous.

I’m guessing that more savvy black metal fans will find this band shit boring. Even with my limited experience of BM, I already hear a lot of clichés repeated. The band’s nihilistic and egocentric philosophy isn’t something new, nor would the overt Satan worship shock or perturb anyone. For me, this is a nice novelty, something that I’d pop on for a change in my listening routine. And make no mistake, it’s very well-done production wise (although at times, the bass seems to go missing) – I abhor listening to the one man garage projects recorded in some log cabin in the Norwegian forest.

Satan revelare modus de vitae abhorrerum – Satan reveals the way of the abhorrent life? * evil laughter *
Track Listing

1. Trumpets of Malevolence
2. Banished Into the Void
3. Murmurs of Diseased Tongues
4. Glorification in Loss and Misery
5. Lux Nova
6. Howls from the Devil...
7. Crowning of the Morbid King
8. The Abhor Bless


A.D. - guitars
M.C. - drums
J.P. - bass
J.D. - vox

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