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Sombre Nostalgie
May 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: JP

The province of Quebec in Canada has long been known as a global stronghold of death and to a lesser extent black metal. It is my pride as a Canadian to bring you a little update on a quartet of extreme metal bands from Quebec. They are Ancestral Curse, Blinded By Faith, Divinity and Sombre Nostalgie. These bands are all signed to or distributed by Galy Records in Montreal. Visit their web-site at

This was my least favorite of the Galy discs in this feature. SN are a fairly conventional Black Metal band. There is not much that made these guys stand out. The lyrics in French make it hard to follow the inhuman vocals (which are good, but nothing fans have not heard before). The packaging and presentation is pretty dull, one shot of the band outside looking cold, a couple of them are wearing toques! The front cover is quite neat, if you look closely you will see some things you might not have seen at first glance.

The production is pretty poor, so murky and muddy nothing stands out, drums are thin, guitars are watery, the vocals way too far back in the mix, nothing is bright or clear and that is a shame. With music that is fairly conventional in structure tone and tempo you need to be able to hear it!

I felt the intensity was just not there, it seemed as if the bands are just going through the motions of making a black metal album. ‘Hommage Aux Noirs” was a little catchy and recognizable but too often the songs descend into monotonous blast beats and simple riffs that didn’t engage me.

They are a young band and with some practice, experience, improved song-writing and production, a better image…maybe, just maybe they could make a dent in a crowded and competitive scene. They have along way to go. It can’t hurt to check them out at
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Eloge
3. Hommage Aux Noirs
4. Aeternum Apprehendo
5. Ma Terre Meurtrie
6. Fin 1759
7. Traquer L’Immonde
8. L’ Armee D’ Ezechiel


William Murray-Vocals
Alexandre Lemieux-Guitar
Martin Tremblay-guitar
Bryan Michaud-Bass
Andre lePage-Drums



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