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Sombre Nostalgie
Dans l`ombre d`un ange fou
February 2001
Released: n/a, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Sombre Nostalgie is a Canadian band partially describing themselves as a dark-death-black metal band. Not one to advocate the necessity of labeling bands, I do think labels are helpful, and “dark-death-black metal” seems to fit the band well. What amazes me, to an extent, is that bands are still coming out playing this style of music. Hasn’t the metal scene been watered down by too many cut-out-bin-quality bands already? Hell, I’m not even a big black metal fan to begin with. But the sounds emanating from this Sombre Nostalgie are better than I would have expected, mainly because it’s not your standard “lets put blast beats through every song and then add keyboards to give us a symphonic sound” type of band. No, in fact the music varies in tempo as much as any Opeth song. In fact, at times the songs sound like condensed Opeth tunes, but with riffs that are more typical of poorer Swedish melodic death bands, altogether unfortunate. Because while any band that can play as well as Opeth certainly deserves accolades, hardly any band can, including Sombre Nostalgie. Perhaps with more rehearsal the band would become a tighter unit, and better production would enhance the music’s intended effect. The vocals are also pretty poor. Absolutely no originality exists in that department. At least the lyrics are in French, because if these guys are singing about dark, evil deeds or Vikings and other typical shit, I wouldn’t want to know. Much potential exists in this band for something great to evolve. But I think with the talent assembled here, Sombre Nostalgie need to look for something new and different, to not only open up new doors for death/black metal, but also make a name for themselves…a name people will recognize and be intrigued by. Check ‘em out here if ye wish
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