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October 2008
Released: 2007, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

Here’s an interesting and very well deserved re-release. Samael as most of us know is one of the most forward thinking and challenging of all black metal artists – a band that has evolved from a primitive, yet unique act into a genre defying one. What we have here is the band's grounding effort PASSAGE (first released in 1996) and the EXODUS EP which saw the light a couple of years later. Interestingly enough both releases were recorded at the same time yet released separately.

So is PASSAGE 2007, the definitive version? I think it is, as pairing it with EXODUS in such a way offers a complete snapshot of where the band was at the time. Having only been remastered, the music on PASSAGE remains as potent as it did 12 years ago and those who fell under its charms then will re-embrace this version and remember the impact these songs made at the time. Those new to the release will now understand the band more and see PASSAGE/EXODUS as not only a turning point for Samael but for all bands wanting to explore new boundaries. Much like the cover itself, Samael took their sound into new territories and many should thank them for that.

The only thing missing is a more detailed booklet – a short two paragraph reflection by Vorph and a new layout is simply not enough. Sure it’s the music that is the most important thing but a deeper look at the time as well as a historical look at PASSAGE/EXODUS’ place in Samael’s discography would have been a nice touch.

With that said there’s no denying the importance of this release and to see it re-released again is a tribute to Samael and their undeniable talent.
Track Listing

1. Rain
2. Shining kingdom
3. Angels decay
4. My saviour
5. Jupiterian vibe
6. The ones who came before
7. Liquid soul dimension
8. Moonskin
9. Born under saturn
10. Chosen race
11. A man in your head
12. Exodus
13. Tribes of cain
14. Son of earth
15. Winter solstice
16. Ceremony of opposites
17. From malkuth to kether


Vorph - Vocals, Guitar
Kaos – Guitar
Xytras – Keyboard/Programming
Masmiseim - Bass

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