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Solitude Aeturnus
January 1999
Released: 1998, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Ah yessss…the masters of doom return with their fifth album! These guys are number one on my list of doom metal artists (Memory Garden being #2)! Their previous album Downfall was overlooked by many, partly due to the fact that Pavement didn’t promote it too well, and also the fact that the sound quality lacked severely. But Downfall still fucking crushes so go out and buy it damnit!

Adagio continues in the same direction as Though the Darkest Hour and Downfall with its heavy, chugging guitars, deep bass lines, pounding drums, sweet melodies, and of course the crisp, clean vocals of Master Robert Lowe. And you can bet your ass that this album sounds as good as it should! After their mistake with Downfall, Solitude decided to go back to Europe and use the help of Paul Johnson who produced Through the Darkest Hour. So you can rest assured that Adagio sounds HEAVY! My two favorite songs are "Personal God" and "Empty Faith", which are just so damn haunting! Robert Lowe did a splendid job on the guitars on both these songs! And guitarist John Perez shows his vocal talents on "The Fall", a little acoustic requiem. The album also contains a brilliant cover of Sabbath’s "Heaven and Hell", plus some exceptional artwork by Travis Smith.

All Solitude Aeturnus fans must get this album, as it does not disappoint. I do, however, like all of their previous albums better. But fear not, this album still kicks ass. I will also mention that there was a limited edition European digipak made for this CD, but that is probably sold out by now. There were no bonus tracks, just a little bit of extra artwork…cool nonetheless!

And for diehard Solitude fans: check out the Iron Maiden tribute album A Call to Irons put out by Dwell Records. S.A. does an awesome rendition of "Hallowed Be Thy Name"! They’ve also covered "No More Tears" on the Ozzy tribute Legend of a Madman, out on Olympic Recordings. Don’t let their song choice turn you off, they did an excellent job! And for really diehard fans, check out their live cover of Candlemass’ "Well of Souls" on the German Unbroken Metal compilation. (The sound quality is a little bad though). This CD contains lots of rare recordings, and is hard to find, but try John Perez’s Brain Ticket Records at to find out more.
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