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Solitary Sabred
Redemption Through Force
October 2014
Released: 2014, Pitch Black
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

I do love Cypriot bands for the burning love and heat for traditional heavy/power metal. Solitary Sabred are among those bands. REDEMPTION THROUGH FORCE is their sophomore album.

REDEMPTION is completely a power/epic meal album in the very likes of Gamma Ray and Manowar. Here's what makes the music of Solitary Sabred so appealing though. You see, these guys put out a strangely blessed mix of traditional solos with old school Manowar style song structures. It makes for a record that is unique and interesting, capturing the heart because it simply goes so far outside of the norm that we have been raised to believe in. Digging into the synthesizer laden magic of Solitary Sabred is a blast, these guys have so much cool stuff going on it makes worth many a skin. Their asymmetric grooves and “heavy” attack is not one to be easily forgot.

I implore you to open your heart and let REDEMPTION THROUGH FORCE draw up your reality. The layered music and weighty lyrics often speak directly to you and inspire you to keep up the fight, never relenting on the battle that is fought within us all.

REDEMPTION THROUGH FORCE is not just a power metal record, it is a statement, a proof of the incredible, and profound power of one of the worlds most exciting bands. Sure, power metal is too a vast extent filled with mediocre bands who sound the same, yet Solitary Sabred are changing the game. These guys are passionate and fun, crafting the kind of music that will ring for generations after they are gone. Fast and furious, REDEMPTION THROUGH FORCE goes above and beyond what I thought the band was capable of, and by god is it good. Hold on to your hats, Solitary Sabred may be the band who bring epic/power metal back to the fore!
Track Listing

1. Synaxxis of Honor
2. Disciples of the Sword
3. Stigmata of Pain
4. A Violent Transgression
5. Redeemer
6. Burn Magic, Black Magic
7. Resurrectio Animi
8. Sarah Lancaster (The Witch's Breed)
9. Realm of Darkness
10. Revelation
11. Damnation


Petros Leptos - Vocals
Demetris Demetriou - Guitars
Nikolas Moutafis - Guitars
George Stainlesz - Bass
Antreas Tapa – Drums

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by Helias Papadopoulos

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