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Invasion Metropolis
January 2007
Released: 2006, Battle Cry Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Back to the metal madness of the 80´s period of metal... The war march of Finland´s own Speed Metal patrol Solitaire continues victoriously on the band´s latest 3rd full-length album titled INVASION METROPOLIS – and just like the album´s title suggests, this time the band shows no mercy for metropolises on the earth, but destroys them one by one. Marvelous, isn´t it?

Solitaire have made themselves known by their fast and furious ´no surrender-no compromise´ Speed Metal adrenaline rushes since the day the band was formed in 1995 that could be said are sort of a mixture of such bands as Agent Steel, Exciter and Iron Angel. INVASION METROPOLIS, with its 10 new songs, continues the band´s familiar tradition for an aggressive, ´in-yer-face´ Speed Metal that even tops the band´s two previous releases by all those nut-kicking and aggressive elements that they have managed to get incorporated even more determinedly into the songs on their latest effort INVASION METROPOLIS. Solitaire´s killing team makes no compromises this time either, but pushes through like an uncontrolled panzer colony, crushing everyone and everything on its way, spreading a total havoc everywhere. Some of their most destructive bullets and bombs have got such names this time as “Soul Restless Soul”, “Open Season”, “Blue Lights Flashing”, “Potential Hazard to Life” and “Closing Circle”. 38 minutes of an unrelenting aggression and crossfire from every possible direction... should be enough to make you not feel your head in the top of your spine any more. Be hailed Solitaire... just to kill for more!

Sonyo´s coming to wreck your town with her bare... tits. You have been warned!
Track Listing

01. Soul Restless Soul
02. Open Season
03. Wipe-Out
04. Blue Lights Flashing
05. The Decade of Aggression
06. Invasion Metropolis
07. Die Tonight
08. Engage the Power
09. Potential Hazard to Life
10. Closing Circle


Mika - Lead vocals
Waaqqu - Lead guitar
Riku - Lead guitar
Mikko - Bass
Kalu - Drums

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