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Pills Against the Ageless Ills
January 2002
Released: 2001, Century Media
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

After reading the reviews of Solefald’s previous album, NEONISM, I was expecting something completely out of left field when I put this disc in for the first time. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that most of the “out there” elements of their previous disc had been toned down quite a lot on this one. I haven’t heard NEONISM, but based on reviews of that album, this disc seems to have cut out a lot of the avant-garde elements.

PatAI is supposedly a concept album about two brothers, Philosopher Fuck and Pornographer Cain. Lyrics weren’t given with the promo copy that I received but the album is apparently about the trials that the brothers go through to get across their quite different messages to humanity. The two band members, Cornelius and Lazare each take on the voice of one of the brothers. Suffice it to say that it is one of the more original and interesting concepts to appear in quite some time.

As for the music, it is modern sounding black metal with lots of little extras thrown in. The band isn’t afraid to use keyboards and strange time shifts in their music to create a musical world all their own. Songs like “Pornographer Cain” and “Hate Yourself” are immediately catchy, and somehow musically dense at the same time. This isn’t commercial black metal. Unfortunately, the entire album isn’t quite able to hold one’s interest, especially in the middle of the disc. Still, this is an interesting album and definitely worth a look for those into “different” styles of metal. Goes to a mental space that only Arcturus has dared to tread.
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