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December 2001
Released: 2001, Steamhammer
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Ahhhh…sweet Sodom! What a great year for the holy trinity of 80’s Germanic Thrash!! Kreator, Destruction and Sodom all put out killer, killer thrash CD’s this year.

Some critics would argue that the three bands are interchangeable, all coming from the same area of Germany in the same 2 year span, all doing 10+ solid thrash albums, all with a character/mascot, all with one leader who kept the spirits of the bands alive in the 90’s, and they have even swapped members back and forth and are now touring together.

Why is Sodom my favorite? I think while Destruction floundered with very obscure releases in the 90’s and while Kreator got all industrial and experimental, Uncle Tom Angelripper had never wavered, never faltered and never lost his way. Consequently Sodom is the most consistent of the three and I happen to enjoy M16 better than THE ANTICHRIST (Destruction) and VIOLENT REVOLUTION (Kreator).

Sodom returns to a slightly more “metal” sound on this release. I know that sounds weird but die-hard Sodomites like me will notice the difference between the last couple (TIL DEATH DO US UNITE and CODE RED) which had a slight punk edge or angst thing happening. M16 is a concept CD about Vietnam inspired by a visit to that nation by the band where they absorbed much of the local history. M16 has a killer cover art with their mascot in place. The band is stable with the same three guys since TIL DEATH. I think that is a record for them!

Everything about this CD is just right, production, the look, the sound, the feel, and the songs are fast, heavy aggressive, nasty brutish and short! Titles like “Napalm in the Morning”, ‘Lead Injection”, “Cannon Fodder’ and ‘Minejumper” give you a feel for the lyrical content.

Why did I give this a 4 instead of 5? Well…Sodom is…Sodom! No progression, no evolution, no risks, and they deliver the album I wanted them to. Can I in good faith say that is it is “groundbreaking, mind-blowing, and amazing”? No. Should every metal fan own this CD? Yes. Long live Uncle Tom.

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December 2001
Released: 2001, SPV/Drakkar
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

The German thrash metal icons strike back to spread Agent Orange on M-16 being the tenth album in a row by the way. The previous thrash strikes back direct to the face Code Red was a welcomed choice by Sodom to return to so called roots. The commando trio keeps the same thrashing warmongering ram-it-down blast on M-16. Even getting the right combat mood for the recording session the band visited the jungle in Vietnam being the war and battle stage over 30 years ago. The war feeling has been captured on M-16 damn well that the blood, pain and sweat can be smelled and felt throughout the napalm smelling album. Sodom is definitely in strike and there is no piece of any kind of evidence of weak moments like what the albums released somewhere in the mid of the 90’s used to suffer from. Instead Harris Johns responsible for the production of the 80’s releases as well as the previous one has created the murderous sound quality. Of course Sodom 2001 ain’t and can’t be the same as in the 80’s, but to be honest it is damn great to see the old thrashers still keeping the old thrash metal flame burning and showing thrash is alive !!!


Sodom will be getting on the tour with two other German thrash metal legends Destruction and Kreator and I for one am looking forward to that tour and A LOT as it is about 11 years since I screamed my lungs out "Nuclear Winter" and divided like a maniac. Check out our TOUR DATES section!!!! /

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