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In War And Pieces
January 2011
Released: 2010, SPV
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It seems like a long time since the last Sodom album. In fact all of the Big Four of Teutonic Titans of Thrash, with the exception of Tankard (Yes, Tankard should be included in the Big Four) have been taking three to four years between albums now. IN WAR AND PIECES delivers another volley of shellfire to keep you pinned down in the trenches for about 45 minutes.

The mascot is firmly in place (the soldier, not the hooded executioner) and so are the standard levels of quality for a Sodom album. I’d suggest that the new album is just slightly less heavy than the self-titled from a few years back, which was pretty crushing. Sodom has always oscillated back and forth between injecting hints of rock and punk into their blend of thrash metal. Not convinced? Look at what covers the band chooses to do through their career. This album it seems that Uncle Tom has been listening to some of his AC/DC records again as there is a bit more rock’n’roll swagger on this record. That’s a good thing as I’m one of the folks who enjoyed the slightly less popular BETTER OFF DEAD.

IN WAR AND PIECES is a little slower in places, the songwriting a little more catchy and Tom seems to be singing just a little more. Again, not a bad thing. The bass drums are not always double-kick in every song and the riffery is more open letting some of the notes breath and the solos flow, as heard on songs like ‘Soul Contraband’. Sodom has always been my favorite band of the Big Four and they have delivered another superb record.
Track Listing

1. In War and Pieces
2. Hellfire
3. Through Toxic Veins
4. Nothing Counts More Than Blood
5. Storm Raging Up
6. Feigned Death Throes
7. Soul Contraband
8. God Bless You
9. The Art of Killing Poetry
10. Knarrenheinz
11. Styptic Parasite


Tom Angelripper - Vocals, Bass
Bernd Kost - Guitar
Konrad Schottkowski- Drums



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