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Sobol, Ron (Director)
Randy Rhoads:The Quiet Riot Years (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2012, Red Match
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It was in early June of 2013 that I happened to get three documentaries about three metal different artists. I watched them all in a row and recognized a theme; a similar story arc that exists between all three players. All three young men had enormous talent, all were very innovative but all of them had their careers tragically cut short by various circumstances. All of them are still revered today. The artists are of course Bob Liebling (Pentagram), Randy Rhoads (Quiet Riot/Ozzy) and Jason Backer (Cacophony/David Lee Roth). There is a connection between these three movies, probably more coincidence than anything, but I drew some comparisons between these three films, which were all released within 12 months of each other. Please enjoy the other two films in this feature, NOT DEAD YET and LAST DAYS HERE.

For some reason there has been a bit of controversy surrounding the permission of the use of the image and name of Randy Rhoads. I’m not privy to the details but I believe there have been lawyers involved in trying to stop or start various projects and books and to be honest, I’m not sure where this documentary falls in the overall story, but it sure seems comprehensive.

Packaged, somewhat disappointingly in a slim-line case with no booklet, Red Match Productions have released this independent 90-minute documentary. The driving force behind this movie is Ron Sobol. Sobol was a budding photographer in the early 70’s. Growing up in California, he struck up a friendship with Kevin DuBrow based on their mutual love of British Rock. This makes total sense if you have heard Kevin DuBrows solo album of covers of 60’s and 70’s British Hard rock bands like Humble Pie and the Small Faces.

Sobol is a bit of an archivist and film-maker so he had an enormous amount of footage tucked away which form the backbone of the movie. The film follows the timeline of Quiet Riot and the earliest incarnation of the band. The story is fascinating. The story is well-known to fans so I won’t go through the entire narrative but the film has interviews with so many people who knew Kevin and Rand; family members, ex-roadies, ex-members of Quiet Riot all of whom add a real sense of legitimacy. The producers are Klein and Margolis, the same guys involved in the Randy Rhoads coffee table book.

Fans of Randy and early Quiet Riot will really enjoy this and for fans who thought Quiet riot burst onto the scene in 1983 with their smash hit ‘Metal Health’, this will be a eye-opening and fascinating film.
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