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January 2002
Released: 2001, Mastedon / MTM
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Melodic metal from Finland…five out five automatically….kidding…seriously Snakegod are pretty cool but weird…

Sankegod are a schizophrenic band where image, lyrics and music all do not really match. At first look the band name and the cover, a crudely drawn picture of a woman in chains, about to be eaten by a giant snake (Think Conan the Barabarian and the Temple of Thulsa Doom) surrounded by bones of previous victims and hooded cult followers. Fair enough, I was expecting power metal but I know better than to judge a CD by it’s cover.

The song titles seem to be slightly religious and political in nature, titles like, “Divine High Priestess”, King of the Dream”, and “Snakegod” give that feeling. However the first song, “Another Part of Heaven” is a poorly done analogy for sex! In fact most of the songs about girls and relationships. Track 13 is called Invitation (Part I of King of the Dream) which was actually track 8. How Part I of track 8 and ended up as the last song and is title track is a little strange. The image of the band doesn’t fit either…they look they are Blue Murder or Whitesnake. They have two drummers and a keyboardist but only one guitarist.

The lyrics don’t’ really match the feel or look of the CD. The translation is pretty poor as well. I can’t complain, speaking only one language myself but lines like, “ How many tears are falling at a dawn, you know you got to fight, if you won’t my mind! They’ll feel your magic heart can break the ball an chain, there’s stars in your soul and tyrants lose control.” Weird…

However, despite all the little gripes about art, lyrics, etc, the music is really, really good. Snakegod present heavier, melodic hard rock occasionally dipping into heavy metal with songs like “Don’t Rescue Her” and ‘Defender” (not the Manowar song). They remind me of many of cool, heavier melodic European bands like Glory, Pretty Maids, Ten and a touch of Malmsteen without the blazing guitars. So that translates into awesome musicianship, cool catchy songs, with a constant underlayer of keyboards. The production is silky smooth, which it should be for this kind of band. The vocalist is strong and pure with good range and he resists going into the high ranges all the time.

This is not for everyone who visits the metal rules site so I chopped it down half a point because it really is a mellower offering, never quite rising above the speed and style of Helloween’s Chameleon. Snakegod have great catchy songs about girls and destiny but come across as a light-weight entry in the metal sweepstakes.


After this review we were contacted by the management

of the band Snakegod. They let us know that the

production problems mentioned in the review

(Tracklisting, listing extra non-existant members, and

the general packaging) were NOT the fault of the band

or management. The label is responsible for many

of the issues including the choice of the cover. For

further information on this great band please feel

free to visit their website at
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