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February 2004
Released: 2003, Hook N Mouth Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I always find it tough to review a band when I don’t have any background on the band, and Slumlord is one of those bands. No bio, not even a website, nothing. However, the band is signed to Hook ‘n Mouth Records, home of thrashers Cyst, a band that I love, so coming into this I was hopeful that this little MCD would be a quality listen.

As it turns out, Slumlord are miles away from the thrash that Cyst plays, instead dwelling in the realm of severe and torturous death metal, American style. There’s no melodic Gothenburgers to be had here folks, this is just straight up brutal N.Y. death, played by bands that are clearly fans of the classics. This album is the band’s first official release, but you wouldn’t know it. The production is good, but just dirty enough, and the band is technically proficient. Matt Kleinknecht’s vocals are nice and ferocious, lacing the songs with the right amount of venom without becoming ridiculous. The band’s style is rhythmic and groovy, with lots of double bass to propel the proceedings.

I’d try and pick out a favorite on here but each song is killer in its own right, no one being any better than the others. Of course (c’mon you saw this coming) that’s also the one downfall of this album as well: nothing really stands out. I enjoy the songs on here, but it all kinda blends into one furious death blosh and it becomes difficult to pick out the actual songs. Still, this is a perfectly fine, enjoyable first effort. A band (and label) to keep an eye on for the future.
Track Listing

1)Laughing as you Bleed
2)Mass Extermination
3)Let your Blood Pour
4)War on All
5)Forever Condemned


Darrin Yardley: Drums
Ron Kuczuk: Guitar
Matt Kleinknecht: Vocals
Jose Lopez: Bass

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