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March 2006
Released: 2004, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The vast invasion of Finnish Death Metal bands continues... Slugathor has finally realeased their debut full-length CD through a small Italian underground metal label Agony Records and at the same time the band has taken quite a couple of firm steps musically toward a more well-arranged and controlled Death Metal direction. As for the band´s musical reeking vomits, bowels and guts are concerned, they still suck their main influences from such bands as Rottrevore, Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Incantation, Morpheus Descends, even Demigod (only their demo era!) and the likes, basically keeping the flame alive for an old-school Death Metal sound and just trying to do their best in that department as well as they can. And no doubts, they are quite masters by churning out ambitiously this brand of Death Metal from their deepest bowels. A monstrous wall of low-tuned, razor-sharp and grinding guitars, a huge exploitation of both mid-tempos and some faster beats, bellowing and guttural growls, a constant amount of sudden and unexpected rhythm changes and stuff like that, pretty much should guarantee a Death Metal listener some kick-ass moments with this slab of release. An experienced Death Metal listener who loves his/her shit right from the early ´90s Death Metal style, surely gets the best out of this as the Slugathor –dudes overall pays a huge tribute to the early Death Metal scene and that’s a good thing in my opinion.

Such songs as “Delicacies of the Cadaver”, “All Must Die”, “Bleed for Me” and “Phenomenon of Doom” as convincing examples are all very strong efforts for spreading this plague called heavy and grinding ´ol´-skool Death Metal´ everywhere for those people who happen to be the biggest suckers for this type of sonically pleasing tortures. I know that I am, especially because the Slugathor –camp is able to possess the heritage of Demigod´s demo-era such a respected and great way. I have to say that they are probably the closest band to the ancient sound of Demigod that I have had an honor to check out during these past few years or so.

UNLEASHING THE SLUGATHRON is another damn fine piece of the Finnish Death Metal album catalogue and obviously a ´must-purchase´ -item for a big amount of Death Metal fans around the world.
Track Listing

01. Delicacies of the Cadaver
02. All Must Die
03. Bleed for Me
04. Lord of All (Unborn)
05. Suffering Endlessly
06. Fabric of the Multiverse
07. Instinct to Kill
08. Phenomenon of Doom
09. Extinction
10. Abhorrent Copulation Machine


Tommi – Guitar and bass
Tuoppi – Bass, vomits and leading to chaos
Immu – Drums, shouts and beers
Axu – Bestial grunts and screams

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