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Sloth Frenzy
Slow Murder
May 2001
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Arizona’s Sloth Frenzy delivers their own brand of thrash metal on their debut CD SLOW MURDER. The band was founded in 1996 by guitarist Mike Wolff, drummer Max Wolff and guitarist Dave Dukart. It’s not easy to peg the style they play but it’s clearly aggressive and rooted in thrash. There are also hints of death metal, lots of time changes, aggressive vocals, etc.

The CD opens with “Distant.” The first part of this song is slow and repetitive with a “start / stop” kind of riff. Then it switches to a more upbeat section that should have been the meat of the song not just a short interlude. Next is “Patterns In Fiction” which starts with some pretty cool riffing that grabbed my attention more so then the CD opener. “Sarcoid Savior” begins with some clean guitar with lead played over it. The lead sound is a bit shrill on the ears but this is after all a self-produced album so I’ll forgive some of the sound imperfections. After the intro an awesome thrashing riff rips in then it slumps back into another repetitive choppy riff. These guys need to weed out some of these elements in my opinion as they hinder the songs. With that done and better sound this band could really have something. The track “Unblessed (The Goat)” despite the cool song title, was noisy and seems like filler. The vocals on this one sound rushed and like he’s trying to sing extra fast for the sake of singing fast. “Jesus Saves” this is not! “All Downhill From Here” is my second favorite song on here after “Patterns in Fiction.” The vocals on this one were a bit more melodic in a Machine Head (older) kind of way. Despite that, the song drags at the beginning and is too slow and morbid sounding for my tastes. When the song improves, the vocals change from the melodic singing to the typical. As the song progresses through there is some interesting time changes and very cool drumming. This is where the bands progressive influences shine making for a challenging yet entertaining listening. I’m sure a lot of thought went into the structure of this song. The CD ends with a Deep Purple cover for the song “Space Truckin’” They do a great job in terms of the drums and guitars. The vocals….well let’s just say I don’t think Ian Gillan would be too amused!

On a sad note, vocalist Chris Defelice of Sloth Frenzy died last summer after the recording for this album had been completed. I discovered this news on the bands website at I don’t have any idea what the band’s future plans are if any.
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