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Day Of The Gusano (DVD Review)
January 2018
Released: 2017, Eaglerock
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

I am 100% unfamiliar with this band outside of knowing the name and the fact that they wear masks. I don’t believe I have ever heard a full song before watching this DVD. This review is not only my views on this concert but my initial thoughts and introduction to the group.

First impression is that this is not even Metal, more Hardcore/Nu-Metal to me. I found it to be noisy and very disjointed. Not an enjoyable listen BUT I did keep an open mind and watched the entire DVD. As I am not a musician they may all be fantastic players but to someone that does not play it comes off as monotonous and very busy.

The performance and stage show are huge and am am positive fans of the band will go crazy for this release. The band is on fire and energetic which adds to the overall quality of the concert. The videography and sound are top shelf. Visually stunning and presented in a solid 5.1 mix which gives a solid concert experience from the confines of your home.

Overall this release is aimed at the fans and not meant as an introduction to the band for a new listener. The quality is there that will please their fans, especially those that have never been able to see them live. If you are a fan, die-hard or casual you should check this out. If you are looking to check them out for the first time, start with a studio album as this may be a little intense of a starting point.
Track Listing

1 Sarcastrophe
2 Eeyore
3 Custer
4 (sic)
5 Me Inside
6 Pyschosocial
7 Duality
8 Before I Forget
9 The Devil In I
10 Vermilion
11 Prosthetics
12 Metabolic
13 Spit It Out
14 The Heretic Anthem
15 Wait And Bleed
16 Surfacing/Til We Diec





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