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Salt The Wound
Carnal Repercussions
January 2009
Released: 2008, Rotten Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

Salt The Wound hail from Cleveland, Ohio and their debut CD titled CARNAL REPERCUSSIONS has hit the streets after a few self financed efforts. In a nutshell what we have is a metalcore experience that touches on a bit of thrash and death metal which will not surprise many, as that’s a rather standard summation of the style.

As you would expect, Salt The Wound rage with a lot energy and this can be heard on “Gannon” and “Slight Burning Sensation” where they devastates with precision and style. “The Conformist” and “We'll Sleep Until Sunset” offer a little support but after a while CARNAL REPERCUSSIONS repeats itself and suffers from the “heard it all before” syndrome.

For what’s its worth, Salt The Wound are competent, heavy and brutal but is this all they will need to stand out from the crowd? In a shifting musical climate where “core” the related style has over saturated itself, I have a feeling Salt The Wound will be left behind and soon forgotten or at the very least ignored.
Track Listing

The Beginning
Better Than This
Conformist, The
We'll Sleep Until Sunset
Slight Burning Sensation
Peas And Carrots
I Swear The Visine Is For My Allergies
The Rape And Pillage Of Spisville
Carnal Repercussions
The End


Kevin Schaefer – Vocals
Jake Scott – Guitar
Vince Stropki – Guitar
Brian Martinez – Bass
Rob Walters - Drums

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