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Surrender or Die
July 2000
Released: 2000, Utopian Vision Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

In case you are not that aware of underground metal, this is NOT the glam metal band from California and they have absolutely nothing in common with one another. This is the Slaughter from Scarborough, Ontario who before the days of grind-death in 1985 put out their debut CD Surrender or Die.

Raw, primitive and noisy are all good adjectives to describe this band. Utopian Vision Music has re-released this on CD probably because their stuff is nearly impossible to find! Hopefully they will also re-release Slaughter's second, and more popular CD, Strappado. In terms of who to compare this to if you take some Slayer, old Celtic Frost, Motorhead, Kill 'Em All Metallica and Venom you get an idea of what style of thrash these guys churn out. I love the intro to the song "Insinerator" with the cheesy yet funny scream "Make way for the insineratooorrrrrr!!!" the band also cover the Hellhammer (pre-Celtic Frost) song "Masacre." The song "Strappado" is one of the better tracks which is total chaos with a haphazard solo that's probably out of key but no one gives a shit cause it fits with the crazy and intense playing. "Tales of The Macabre" begins with a cool riff that would find a home on early Celtic Frost material, right down to the chainsaw guitar sounds.

Although this is raw and primitive it still has a charm all it's own. It's totally metal, brutal for it's time period and obviously one of those bands who have left their mark on many current bands. Some of those who claim Slaughter as one of their influences are Napalm Death, Usurper, Repulsion and Mortician. I wouldn't be surprised if the members of S.O.D. also listened to some Slaughter.

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