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November 2015
Released: 2015,
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

A new band, a new EP. Welcome Germany’s Skythen to the fold as of March 2014. You’re not going to hear tracks that sound the same as if they’re cut from the same cloth. The band would call themselves “stoned metal”, High-profile reviewers would like me to say Sabbath-influenced with regard to this band, and although I can hear that in the production and some of the vocal tone, I’m going a little (ok, A LOT) more obscure with Sweden’s Cemetary. There’s a raw, almost industrial at times, sound that is vibrating and full of echoing vocals.

The opening track clearly channels Cemetary in sound. The difference between the bands is the level of memorable songs and I’m only lukewarm to the “Silverowls” track. Moving into track 2 of the ep, “Anthems”, I’m left scratching my head as to what I’m hearing. The good news for these guys, is that I can hear them at any Ozzfest/Mayhem/etc. fest with some of the more Americanized bands. The bad news is that I happen to be an American who strongly dislikes such music. Track 3, “The Saint”, comes in the strongest of the three openers. A very listenable track that gets your toes tapping even if it doesn’t get your head banging. “Eclipse” moves us through the midpoint of the ep but I’d like to move a little faster through this particular track. “Wolvesrun” steps up next and although I hear some people excited about this EP, I assure you that I am not one of those people. “Wolvesrun” only hastens my departure from this band in the future. “It’s Alright” reminds me to celebrate the creativity of musicians like this and I will acknowledge that this ep is not a run-of-the-mill ep in any way. That fact certainly doesn’t save it for me but it is something I need to point out. Ending with a cover of “Motorbreath” this ep stands true to the fact that it’s certainly different.

With apologies to Skythen, I can’t recommend this to the vast majority of metalheads out there. If you’re the guy/girl who is “tired of the same old thing” and you’ve heard it all before, then maybe this EP is for you. If you’re a fan who wants clear sound, structure, and melody, you’ll do well to run very quickly away from this particular selection. Skythen’s brand of metal certainly is not my brand of metal. Hopefully it finds its spot in the right circles!

Review By: Chris Marsh
Track Listing

1. Silverowls
2. Anthems
3. The Saint
4. Eclipse
5. Wolvesrun
6. It´s Alright
7. Motorbreath (bonus track)


Benjamin Kapidzic - vocals + guitars
Frederic Twisterling: bass
Jakob Ehmke: drums

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