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Mind Revolution
May 2006
Released: 2003, Hammerheart Records (RIP)
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

In 2003 the Swedes from Höör unleashed a great Melodeath opus titled MIND REVOLUTION, which was their second release to date. Many of you surely remember the bands first release, TIMELESS DEPARTURE, for its catchy ambience. Well, if you thought that was catchy, you have to experience MIND REVOLUTION, it will grab you from the beginning and leave breathless until the very last second.

The CD opens with “Nightmares nevermore”, a song that states the bands Gothenburguian/Finnish Metal vibe mixed with progressive elements and some Black Metal (mainly melodic). Other songs like the thrashy “Colliding Mind” will remind you about giants like Kreator or Destruction, and “Mind Revolution” which in my opinion is the most complete song of the entire CD, mixes classic Heavy Metal and (melodic) Black Metal with progressive elements and with all you can think of. In some ways this last song is heavily influenced by one of my all time favorite bands Embraced, who after releasing only 2 CDs (AMOROUS ANATHEMA and WITHIN) disbanded.

Production wise, MIND REVOLUTION has a very clear and crisp sound. It was recorded at Abyss Studios with the infamous Peter Tägtren. Unfortunately the drum sound is not as powerful as it should be, it lacks presence, and also the bass, as in many releases of the genre, is almost non existent (when will metal producers realize the importance of bass?!!!!, c´mon guys). Besides this minor aspects, guitars sound great as well as the vox, so don’t get me wrong, it is a very satisfying sound that only has its small flaws.

MIND REVOLUTION is a CD for all Bodom Metal fans everywhere. You won’t be disappointed. It is a fresh listen that proves how Metal can still be exciting and intelligent. And if you still don't believe me, listen to SPECTRAL, the bands latest slab of Metal. That one is even better that MIND REVOLUTION.
Track Listing

1. Nightmares Nevermore
2. Haunted By Shadows
3. Colliding In Mind
4. Dawn Will Brake
5. Uncloud The Sky
6. Shapes Of Insanity
7. Blinded By Euphoria
8. Caged
9. Mind Revolution


Andreas Edlund - Guitar and synth
Martin Hanner - Guitar and synth
Jonas Sjögren - Bass
Joakim Jonsson - Drums and Guitar
Henrik Wenngren - Vocals

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