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Heavier Than Metal
August 2010
Released: 2010, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

We really are living in a golden age of metal. My old favorite bands are still going. My new favorite bands are doing interesting things and better yet, my new favorite bands like SKULLFIST sound like my old favorite bands!

I grew up in Toronto in the late 80’s and it seems that at the time Toronto was really left behind when it came to producing true classic metal. They had a great, world-reknowned melodic Hard Rock/Metal scene with bands Lee Aaron, Brighton Rock, Helix, Harem Scarem and many more. However, when it came to just classic NWOBHM, Toronto was never the strongest area. Flash-forward a couple of decades and Toronto has become this killer hot-spot for classic metal, GOATHORN, then CAULDRON, EIDOLON, RAMMER, WARMACHINE and now SKULLFIST!

SKULLFIST is a new three-piece who have unleashed their debut, indie EP. I love the name. Who says all the cool Metal band names have been used up? The band is unashamedly 80’s and they know it and love it. There are many little details on the disc and artwork itself that pay tribute to Metal. The disc even has a picture of a naked chick riding a tiger. (Get it? Ride The Tiger?) Dio would be proud.

The band look and sound Metal as all hell. Jackie Slaughter wields a kick-ass ‘Rising Sun’ Flying V hybrid that looks and sounds mean. I’m sure he must have stolen it from Jack E. Lee or maybe the guys in Tokyo Blade. It’s a nice introductory package, photos, lyrics, notes etc and their mascot, who is taking out the CN Tower and the Skydome on the album cover, is one bad mother!

Inside we get five killer, all Metal tunes, proficient musicians all round, writing and performing classic Metal with no apologies and no looking back. It’s fun, well executed and delivered with a fist to your skull. My favorite moment is probably the back-end mad-soloing on Blackout. (No, not the SCORPIONS song.) The last two minutes or so are a guitar fans dream. All five cuts are classic, trad metal with a huge tip of the hat to the early sound and delivery of the genre. The album is not overloaded with double-lick but there is a nice sense of motion and urgency in the compositions. Vocals are soaring, drums are pounding, guitars are blazing… it’s all here. No False Metal indeed!
Track Listing

1. Sign Of The Warrior
2. Heavier Than Metal
3. Blackout
4. Ride The Beast
5. No False Metal


Jackie Slaughter- Vocals, Guitar
Sir Shred-Guitar
Alison Thunderland-Drums

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