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Island Of Lost Souls
December 2004
Released: 2004, KM Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Aryn

Skulgrinder is a 4 piece outfit out of Brooklyn, NY who play straight heavy metal with no subgenre leanings. And the toughness of the city shows in the music, what they lack in riffs they make up for in asskicking. With lyrics like "Miserable bitch didn't hear a word I said, you'd look a whole lot better with a bullet in your head" it's pretty easy to imagine what you're dealing with here. ISLAND OF LOST SOULS is loosely a concept album, portraits of different burroughs of a city of fear. And one good point I will give this band is that they don't relent in being tough, there's not a single thing about this band that doesn't scream I AM A MAN, HEAR ME BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU!

The vocals are typically gruff and unmelodic and serve the one intended purpose of getting across how much they want to kick your ass and piss on your unconcious body. Lacking in melody or direction and often puncuated with gang backing vocals. Which if done right can always be good, but they never quite do it right on ISLAND OF LOST SOULS. The downtuned guitars play droll, uninspired riffs of no specific style and the drummer plods along as if he doesn't know what he's doing in the band. This is the sort of music you would only hear because they booked themselves at the strip club you had planned on going to for the night, so you go to a different strip club after hearing two songs. Maybe with some more time in the incubator they may become something interesting, but for now, thumbs down.
Track Listing



Brian Andersen - Vocals
Michael Knight - Guitars
Curt Robinson - Bass
Kato Peragine - Drums



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