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Malum in Se
February 2016
Released: 2016, None
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Infamousbutcher

Philadelphia’s Sakrilejist has really been making a name for the themselves in the area. Forming in late 2014, the band has steadily expanded their Blackened Death Metal sound, recording a self titled demo and playing lots of local gigs. MALUM IN SE, their impressive debut album, is the newest chapter in their sonic development.

Let’s make this clear – this is some blasphemous evil sounding shit folks! “Lamb of God – Goat of Satan”, an epic song, begins ominously with some low grinding tones from Aaron Celsus (guitar) and Brian Divver (bass), a squealing solo and then it’s full on heavy riffs and thunderous drumming! Aaron’s unsettling growls and screeches fit the music well; his vocal style is Black Metal with range, not just high pitched shrieks. The album has some variety; “Apocalypse Dawn” is an all out assault, a real faceripper while “Seventh Gate” has a catchy groove to it. My favorite track is “Born of Night” with its blend of drumming styles and memorable chorus, drummer Mark Vizza showcases his talents here. I also really dig the punishing “Samael”; you can hear the Morbid Angel influence. Other tracks have more structure and nuance like the opener; “Bile of the Gods” builds nicely before exploding and features some different vocal styles from Aaron, including a chant. “Curse of Lucifer” just sounds like their signature song, heavy riffs, blasting drums, vocals from the depths reminiscent of Inquisition. It’s the perfect closer to this fine debut.

MALUM IN SE means evil in itself. I can’t think of a better tile! Highly recommended for fans of Death and Black metal.
Track Listing

1. Lamb of God – Goat of Satan
2. Calling the Void
3. Samael
4. Born of Night
5. Bile of the Gods
6. Apocalypse Dawn
7. Seventh Gate
8. Malum in Se
9. The Curse of Lucifer


Aaron Celsus – Guitars, Vocals
Mark Vizza – Drums
Brian Divver - Bass


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