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Skewered (self-titled)
March 2012
Released: 2012, Inherited Suffering Records/Anopsys Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Even by the standards of some of the less prolific acts out there nine years between getting together and calling yourself a band, and releasing your first album is a long time. It’s any wonder if you’d recognise your band names in the street, let alone how the songs go.

Joking aside though, the release of their self-titled debut marks a clear milestone for Irish death metallers Skewered who have for all those years had to be content with demos but are only now getting the full album ceremony.

For those who have heard the band’s earlier incarnations, ‘Skewered’ represents a major leap forward not only terms of being well honed like a psychopath’s favourite killing blade, but also in cementing their more brutal sweeping-the-contents-of-the-table-to-the-floor approach. Guttural old-school vocals meld with thundering drums, which in their frontline nature can grow somewhat repetitive over the course of the album. There’s also a feeling that guitar and bass are playing second fiddle here, although still doing a commendable job even from the back row.

In true death metal tradition, Skewered’s choices for song titles are at least straight forward in terms of imagery, if not mildly unsettling. Including such gems as ‘Wretched Cum Slut’, ‘Bad Aids’, and ‘Rectal Prolapse’ you have to imagine they were written with a tongue-in-cheek flourish –for your own comfort at least. Uttering these aloud though will probably have your mother reaching for the wire scouring brush, as soap won’t be hard enough to wash that filth out. ‘Born Into Pain’ and ‘Wretched Cum Slut’ even comes in a radio edited version – not that you can really picture any station giving this an airing – but you have to admire Skewered for going there.

“Forgive me father...” begins ‘Ordained Abstained’ – it may be clichéd but you can’t help but think some would consider Skewered to have lost their way. And some who would probably hope they will stay that way. However those who have felt their way around the genre before know this schtick all too well, which means Skewered are unlikely to surprise, or shock, many – still if you’re keen on the gore, and lucky, a hefty bout of head banging might bring a nosebleed.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs
Track Listing

1. Contaminated
2. Bad Aids
3. Wretched Cum Slut
4. Ordained Abstained
5. Inside The Crematory
6. Bound And Gutted
7. Born Into Pain
8. Blasphetus
9. Rectal Prolapse
10. Skewered
11. Pear Of Anguish
12. Razor Speculum
13. Others May Die


Mark Dolan-Vocals
Andy Sweeney- Guitars
Salvador Maguire- Bass
Jazzer- Drums

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