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Skew Siskin
Peace Breaker
February 2008
Released: 2007, Monongo/Sound Pollution
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

A couple of things have happened since the last album from this German act. A new deal with a new label has been inked and a new bass player and drummer have joined the band. It was hard to find a drummer but they all decided to go Berlin to check out a guy called Randy Black (ex- Annihilator, Primal Fear) which they all loved. The band was the support act to Motörhead in 2007and shortly after that the band finished the mixing of their new album and now PEACE BREAKER is out in stores.

The album includes guest appearances from Wolf Hoffman (Accept) and Ivan Kral (Iggy Pop/Patti Smith) and the songs on the album sounds about the same as most of the Skew Siskin songs always have sounded. The band continues on playing their patented punk’n’roll with Motörhead vibes and is sounds good. Singer Nina C. Alice sounds unlike many other female vocalists extremely good singing this dirty and raw kind of music and she is the perfect woman on this position for sure. The newcomers in the band do a great job and they add stability and heaviness to the production.

Skew Siskin delivers messy party punk’n’roll and all of the 13 songs really kicks ass. Standout tracks include: “Metal In Your Face”, “We’re an Institution”, “Riding with the Devil”, “Trouble Shooter”, “Eva Braun is Back in Town” and “Shoot the Rats”. Other great songs worth mentioning are “Who the Hell Are You” and “I Wanna Be Me” and the common thing all of the above songs have is a raw, dirty and mean attitude along with some razor sharp blasting guitar riffs. There’s nothing much to say about the production. The band has been around since 1993 so they know exactly what their production ought to sound like and here it resulted in a heavy mess of guitars, mean bass and screaming/harsh vocals. Perfect in other words.

PEACE BREAKER is an album you gotta love at least if you’re into Motörhead, AC/DC or Sex Pistols and the fact the Lemmy himself has co-written a few songs doesn’t hurt at all.
Track Listing

Metal in your Face
We’re an Institution
Riding with the Devil
Trouble Shooter
Hit your Border
Who the Hell are you
War, Fire, Guns and Blood
I wanna be me
Eva Braun is back in Town
I Don’t Care
Can’t Hear You (hey hey you)
Shoot the Rats


Nina C. Alice – lead vocals
Jim Voxx – guitar
Henning Menke – bass
Randy Black – drums

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