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February 2006
Released: 2005, Self-financed
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

"Behold, the Bass of Tyranny, the Guitar of Power, the Guitar of Glory, the Drums of War, and the Larynx of Doom! Behold Skelator! Brutal True Metal to bring pain and suffering to all who oppose. WAR IS DECLARED! DEATH TO THE FALSE! GIVE ME METAL OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!"

Uh, what more there really is to add to the bold and brave above-mentioned statement? Very rarely do you come across a band that is so loyal and devoted to their pure Heavy Metal roots that it makes you questioning the fact whether such a band can really even exist? It truly does, and one of those bands is this 5-piece band from San Diego that plays an epic Heavy Metal that is both unbelievably convincing and entertainingly funny to listen to at the same time, with some occasional Speed Metal elements thrown in. Skelator could be sort of a bastard child of such bands like Manowar, Iron Maiden, Griffin (US), Exciter, Venom, Helstar and the likes. I mean, their musical orgies contain so many familiar influences that you’ll automatically start comparing to a bunch of bands when hearing them. Also, the band’s vocalist Jason has a voice that is a reminiscent of the voices of Overkill’s Bobby ´Blitz´ Ellsworth and Manpower’s Eric Adams, so he cannot be that bad as a singer, can he? ;=)

"The Coming of Chaos" brings a good load of those Iron Maiden -influences to the light; mostly thanks to all those typical guitar melodies that the Eddie’s favorite team uses a lot within their classic Heavy Metal sound. This song is also the one off this E.P. that appeals me most. "Heavy Metal Sacrifice" on the other hand, is like a real Heavy Metal party song that puts everyone to a good mood. It sounds a lot like some old Venom -song due to its dirty, raw and rock´ish atmosphere. This song is all about boozing, getting wasted, having a blast and just partying in general.

The last song "The Wrath of Odin’s Son" brings the term ´epic´ clearly to the wall for Skelator, crossing 15-minute mark and basically sounding like a well-crafted epic song should sound like; i.e pompous, big and story-like. The lyrics tell a story about The Vikings slaying the Christians in Briton by the name of Odin, so it’s even got something lyrically for some serious Viking -fanatics to look for. When the song reaches the 9:45-minute mark, the Skelator -warriors obviously decided to offer some hard times for many listeners, sounding like a bunch of uber-vicious Black metallers, probably just for their own fun, but actually - who knows? But overall, the song is as epic as it gets - no more, no less.

I’m positive many so-called true Heavy Metal heroes will find this E.P. from Skelator more interesting and fascinating than a plate of your grandmom´s favorite, home-made spinach soup when you were a kid, so give it a try, will ya?
Track Listing

01. Death to the False
02. The Time of the Sword Rulers
03. The Coming of Chaos
04. Heavy Metal Sacrifice
05. The Wrath of Odin´s Sons


Jason Conde - Larynx of Doom
Pat Seick - Drums of War
Robbie Houston - Guitar of Power
Jesse Jensen - Guitar of Glory
Rah Davis - Bass of Tyranny

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