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Death to All Nations
September 2010
Released: 2010, Metal on Metal Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Having been in existence for a long 12 years, but without any proper full-length studio album, against all odds the US flag bearers for wiping all the wimps and posers away from the face of the earth, Skelator, have managed to gain a decent underground fanbase behind them during all these years. Now, 12 years later since the band was put together, these epic speed/heavy metal merchants' debut full-length album, titled DEATH TO ALL NATIONS, has finally been released on the Italian Metal on Metal Records, who seem to have sharp eyes (or ears would be a more proper organ as reference to this) for some quality (underground) metal bands.

DEATH TO ALL NATIONS, with all its 8 poser-killing and wimp-crushing hymns in it, trust to some firm and unwavering traditions of 80s-fashioned speed and heavy metal, basically offering a fair load of what could be taken from the notebooks of (more or less) metal icons like early Maiden, Manowar, early Overkill, Helstar, Liege Lord and so forth - keeping things very near the (true) speed/heavy metal ground, and counting on themselves 100% that there still might be a bunch of people around this globe that love what they do. Well, I do – and I am pretty sure I am not alone here in throwing the occasional thumbs up for them every time when I am spinning this album through.

From all aspects, Skelator have managed to record 8 beautifully floating, very catchy epic speed/heavy metal songs for their debut full-length studio album that would deserve a mass acceptance from every self-respecting metalhead in this world. I already know this ain´t gonna be happening for them, which is a true pity because they do wipe the dirty floors with all Bullet For My Valentines/Triviums/Killswitch Engages, etc. that a younger generation of ´metalheads´ unfortunately consider some of the best metal that has been produced in this world.

While listening to DEATH TO ALL NATIONS, I can only admire these fellows´ dedication, loyalty and sheer talent for delivering their goods so convincingly on this record; by sticking to the basic rules of heavy metal (keep it heavy, keep it catchy, keep it honest, avoid sounding like kids´ most favorite ´MTV metal band of 2010´, etc.) and making their very best out of them. Skelator has succeeded in putting together a high-caliber speed metal-tinged, pure heavy metal album that doesn´t pale in comparison to some of the most classic and respected 80s metal albums – neither content- or quality-wise. Skelator has surely visited at the backyard of Maiden, Manowar, Agent Steel – hell, even Slayer (check out “Circle of Bloodshed” – and you will notice why), etc. many times during their career, and it has paid off for them in a really nice way on D.T.A.N., made it all truly worth it.

DEATH TO ALL NATIONS is a pure celebration march to the 80s metal bands with waving proud flags high raised in the air, and I bet many of you want to join and support it along with these 5 masterful lads in the Skelator camp.
Track Listing

01. Birth of Steel
02. The Truth
03. Victory (Henry V)
04. Circle of Bloodshed
05. Symphony of the Night
06. For Death and Glory
07. Stand up (for Rock and Roll)
08. Death to All Nations


Jason Conde-Houston - Vocals
Robbie Houston - Guitar
Rob Steinway - Guitar
Zach Palmer - Bass
Patrick Seick - Drums

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