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Six Magics
Between the Sorrow
August 2010
Released: 2010, Coroner Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Chileans Six Magics have been kicking around the metal scene for over a decade now and have three previous albums to their credit. Between their last album in 2006 and now, they replaced singer Sergio Dominguez with Ely Vasquez. Somewhere along the way they recorded an album in 2008, ANIMAL, and this one is a re-recording of it with a different track listing and a new song. I'm not sure what they're going for there, but I guess they have a reason...anyway, on to the music.

Six Magics classify themselves as power metal, which is as apt a description as any; although they are more in the traditional heavy metal vein than say, Stratovarius clones. I guess the addition of Vazquez is meant to distinguish the band from the competition, and if you're sick of female-fronted bands that have operatic or gothic vocal styles you can rest easy as her vocals are refreshingly gruff for a woman - reminiscent of the girls in Helltown or Ignitor. Unfortunately she's also a very bland vocalist who lacks both charisma and power. She doesn't actively drag the songs down, but neither does she elevate them. And trust me, these songs need elevation as this is one of the blandest, most riff-less metal albums I've heard in a while. There isn’t a single memorable riff or solo on the entire album and it seems like they’re relying on Vazquez to carry the day. Given her relatively weak delivery, it makes for a very dull listening experience.

Song after song just blurs together in a brown miasma of sound. There are occasional moments of clarity, such as the catchy chorus to the title track, but overall the album just drones on and becomes background music. Just thinking about the album is making me sleepy. Needless to say, you're not missing much if you've never heard of this band. Six Magics is not worth your time, even for hardened power metal fans.
Track Listing

1) Run
2) Animal
3) Behind the Sorrow
4) Lies and Rules
5) Hands of Time
6) All My Dreams
7) They
8) No Time to Grieve
9) It’s Not the Way
10) I Remember


Ely Vasquez: Vocals
Pablo Ignacio Sepulveda: Guitar
Erick Avila: Guitar
Mauricio Nader: Bass
Pablo Stagnaro: Drums

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