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Saint Deamon
In Shadows Lost from the Brave
February 2008
Released: 2008, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Frontiers Records have recently started to sign and add heavier acts to their catalogue of bands and Saint Daemon can surely be counted as one of those acts. Saint Daemon was founded by Ronny Milianowicz back in 2006. Along with him he has his fellow band mate from Dionysus Nobby Noberg on bass and Toya Johansson on guitar. It took a while before the line up was set and the hardest thing of all was finding a singer. Finally, the final piece was added in the person of singer Jan Thore Grefstad (Highland Glory, Wild Willys Gang) from Norway. Now, the fairytale was complete.

The band succeeded with their aim which was to create melodic riff based aggressive and sophisticated metal. The music is easy on the ears and I guess that new fans of this genre are going to appreciate this quite a bit. The adding of Grefstad was a really smart move because that man can surely sing and could take on every veteran in the business. He has an enormous vocal range and it feels like he can manage to sing almost everything that’s put in front of him. My main concern with IN SHADOWS LOST FROM THE BRAVE are the many songs are mainly mid-tempo. There is nothing much going on there so the band instead chooses to follow the same tempo through the entire album and that makes the album lose interest. “In Shadows Lost from the Brave”, “The Burden”, “Ride Forever”, “Black Symphony”, “The Brave Never Bleeds” and “Run for your Life” are all favorites of mine and they are melodic power metal songs in a faster tempo based on vitality, fun and energy.

The production made by Jens Bogren leaves a little more to wish for to be honest, the production sounds too commercial and sometimes too static. The only thing with great power and energy is the lead vocals parts where no expenses have been spared. I had wished for a fuller and more powerful sound with more focus on the rhythm section and the shredding guitar work.

I’m not satisfied but it’s a good attempt and Saint Deamon sure is a force to count on in the future.
Track Listing

The Exodus (intro)
My Judas
In Shadows Lost from the Brave
My Heart
The Burden
No Mans Land
Ride Forever
Black Symphony
The Brave Never Bleeds
My Sorrow
Run for your Life


Jan Thore Grefstad – lead vocals
Nobby Noberg – bass
Toya Johansson – guitar
Ronny Milianowicz – drums

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