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Six Feet Under
Graveyard Classics
December 2000
Released: 2000, Metal Blade/Attic Records
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

And lo, yet another fucking covers album crosses my ears. Am I the only one that is sick of this "tribute" bullshit? Somehow I doubt it, read this month's From Hell's Heart to find out. Anyhow, controversial Chris Barnes and co. have decided to throw their collective hats into the tribute ring with this 12-song covers album. What a fucking joke. This was ill conceived right from the start. Seriously, do we really need death metal versions of these songs? Hell no.

The butchery begins early as Savatage's "Holocaust" opens the album. Granted, Jon Oliva was not the greatest vocalist in the world when the song was originally recorded, but at least he was listenable. This version is ridiculous. Unfortunately, the blasphemy doesn't end there. Just imagine, "TNT", "Sweet Leaf", Angel Witch's "Confused" and Accept's "Breaker" are all destroyed here. Honestly, these are some of the worst covers that I have ever heard. The band sorta plays them O.K., but Barnes never deviates from his death growl, which almost never suits the songs. I mean shit, in "California Uber Alles" he degenerates into complete nonsensical gibberish. Garbage.

Maybe this album would've been better if Barnes had actually tried to sing some these versions. Then again, judging by the pathetic run through the band and John Bush give "Blackout", maybe not. I mean, this one is pretty laughable. Don't even get me started on the hack-jobs given "Smoke on the Water" and "Purple Haze".

Basically there are two songs on here that work: Exodus' "Piranha" and Venom's venerable "In League With Satan". That's only because they are the only two songs that even come close to being death metal in their original forms (barely). Complete and utter waste of time, plastic, money, and whatever else went into this abomination. Six Feet Under should be shot for this.

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