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Six Feet Under
Double Dead (DVD)
November 2003
Released: 2003, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

I’ve been a Cannibal Corpse fan for years. I followed Chris Barnes after he left the band to form Six Feet Under in 1995 and I’ve stayed true ever since (though I can’t forgive him for enlisting Ice-T to rap on TRUE CARNAGE). The new DOUBLE DEAD DVD is a must-have addition to the collection. There is also a CD version of the same show, which has already been reviewed here by JP. Performing live in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 14th 2002, Six Feet Under cranks through songs from their entire catalogue over a 60-minute show. There are no overdubs and the instruments and vocals sound excellent. Cut between the songs are behind-the-scenes footage and a bogus storyline involving an obsessed fan that the band stabs in the woods. One thing I thought was funny was seeing the marquee above the venue, which had Vanilla Ice and Nile performing the same week as Six Feet Under. You get to see the band during sound check as well as setup for the show. Barnes himself seems like a real burnout. He has dread-locked his hair and stretched his earlobes to the size of silver dollars so they flap around as he talks on and on about smoking weed since 1978 (it shows) and even demonstrates his technique with his own industrial-sized bong. His affinity for using the word “fuck” would make the cast of GOODFELLAS blush. You also get what at first sounded like an interesting documentary called “Inside Death Metal” that turned out to be a short jokeish interview. There is also a photo gallery, which loops a couple of pictures with the band’s album covers and, of course, the ever-present web link feature to Metal Blade and Six Feet Under’s websites. There is also a bonus CD with five exclusive live tracks from shows in Seattle and Denver.

If you’re a Six Feet Under fan, don’t hesitate to pick up this DVD because you won’t be disappointed. The band sounds top-notch and the small club atmosphere has the audience almost on the stage with them they’re so close! Though the extras are certainly lacking, the show itself (and the bonus CD) more than make up for any shortcomings.
Track Listing

1. The Day The Dead Walked
2. The Murderers
3. Waiting For Decay
4. Impulse To Disembowel
5. Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane
6. No Warning Shot
7. Silent Violence
8. The Enemy Inside
9. Victim Of The Paranoid
10. Manipulation
11. Torn To The Bone
12. 4:20
13. Bonesaw
14. Torture Killer
Bonus CD:
1. War Is Coming (Live in Seattle)
2. A Journey Into Darkness (Live in Seattle)
3. Revenge Of The Zombie (Live in Seattle)
4. Night Visions (Live in Seattle)
5. Hacked Into Pieces (Live in Denver)


Chris Barnes—Vocals
Steve Swanson-Guitars
Terry Butler—Bass
Greg Gall—Drums

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